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Win free Tony Bianco shoes for a year

Tony Bianco shoes has a competition to win free shoes for a year. Enter and you might be lucky!

They are not Manolo Blahnkis, but theres some pretty cool shoes there.

PS heres a link for Neiman Marcus Manolo Blahniks shoes

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False Christianity Exposed

Jesus preached Woe on the pharisees and other religious hypocrites of the day in Matthew 23.

In our day there are many who have a form of Godliness but deny the reality of it. Some of this can bee seen in their actions. There are numerous websites and emails circulating that are attempts by people calling themselves christians, some well meaning, others I believe deliberately fraudulent.

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Going to get the new car

Gone out back later - getting new car - finally!

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Hide and Seek

We just finished playing a boisterous game of hide and seek - lots of fun and a real challenge to find the places the kids can't find me. Hiding in plain sight is often the best way.