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Weird dream

I had a most bizarre dream last night - yet it was very vivid.
Rohan (my web admin) and Dell his wife were hosting a biker party at their house, which was in our suburb (which it isn't. The house was not theirs either.) The bikers turned up with an old Bedford truck full of beer in white vegetable polystyrene cases and parked it in the garage. While watching them get stuck into the beer I noticed that there was a gigantic roast turkey on a table. Rohan then turned into Doug who also works for me. His smallest child Evan was running amok in the now strangely empty garage. Sarah his 14 yr old daughter was sitting out side ignoring the party and not wanting to be involved in anything. Then a parachuting Father Christmas appeared in the sky and was heading for a pub nearby (where there isn't one really) and landed in the street outside instead.

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Power fluctuations

Its very hard to work when the power keeps flickering. We are in the middle of storm season - lightning strikes and thunderstorms are common at the moment. Our car got damaged by hail the size of ice cubes. We have had a laptop fail and a UPS blow up! Fortunately both are under warranty.
Hopefully I will get an uninterrupted afternoon and evening of work with no more storms today. (All our pcs and network equipment are protected by UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

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Software Development Productivity

I have been working on a project for the last week and half that has some very complex coding required. There are a number of variables, arrays and concepts I need to keep in the front of my brain as I juggle the data and the concepts around so as to create the correct code to pull the right information out into reports for the client.
Every time I get interrupted by a phone call, the kids or something else, my immediate brain drops most of that and I end up coming back to the computer saying "now what the heck was I working on?"

There are a bunch of articles that explain just what is happening there (and no its not old age!)

Joel Spolsky puts it best

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I have been working hard since 8:30am. A power nap was needed at 2:30pm.
45 minutes later I was woken by a client calling my phone. Now I feel refreshed for another hour and a half of work before we go to the gym.