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Big Morning 4 Your Business

I am speaking at the Big Morning 4 Your Business Free business seminar Thursday 29th May.

I am presenting on two topics:

Stop Your Website Sending Your Customers to Your Competition


Move Your Business to the Cloud Cost-Effectively


The event is a caffeine-injected morning of FREE interactive business development sessions giving you the tools and contacts to grow your business in ONE big hit! (hope that means good coffee!)

Put on by the Regional Development Australia – Moreton Bay Group the morning is:

  • A high-quality program delivered by 18 industry experts
  • Meet the experts one-on-one
  • Visit the trade tables
  • Learn from the region’s businesses
  • Network with other business owners
    Here is the slide show I am presenting. Hope you can make it!

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The SpyJournal Weekly and Tim Miller Daily allow you create personalised newspapers – summarising your tweets, and community news in various areas.

I have been running two for some time now – the Tim Miller Daily and the SpyJournal Weekly.

Check them out and subscribe if you want an easy grab of my twitter feed in one bite


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Social Media Tools and Analytics

Right now Social Media is huge. For some people Facebook is the internet. Every TV show you watch has a back channel on twitter, and live commentary on most sports shows are now mentioning the tweets they are reading during the broadcast – indicating the commentators are well aware of how their performance as well as the sport itself are being discussed in this live manner. People were even given early warning of a recent earthquake in the US via Twitter.

As companies and brands race to adopt social media and harness the obvious power in the potential engagement with their fans and others there are scores of tools and analytics being produced and made available to users. Some of these are free, others have a free component as a teaser to get you to purchase their premium services and others are far more consultative and personalised and thus more expensive from the get go.

I have been trialling and researching a lot here recently. My tweet cloud shows my most used word in twitter is #socialmedia.


Here are some of the tools I have been using and trialling. This isn’t a “thou should use these” type of post, but i do invite you to check these out and see if they suit your requirements. No particular order to these.

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My 3CR Radio Interview on Social Media and TV

I was interviewed yesterday by 3CR breakfast radio show in their technology spot for this morning.

I was talking about the role social media, primarily twitter, has in TV shows as a engagement method for fans and watchers, as well as the opportunity for the show broadcasters to be involved with and engage their audiences through these channels.

Here is the audio recording of the show.

Download this Media File - (Right Click)