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Weekly Web Round up

And what a week is has been – with all sorts of amazing announcements, reversals and more on the Australian Domain Registration front with Bottle Domains and the auDA (Australia’s Domain Name Authority) slugging it out in the Supreme Court. This press release sum sit up well - auDA recklessness damages Australian domain industry

More Announcements:

zunehd2 Andy and Carrie Lee had their little baby. There was no sign of facial hair (fortunately!)

Service Pack 2 for the 2007 Microsoft Office System due to ship April 28th

Exchange 2010 Beta Released

Office 2010 announced – official press release - Next Wave of Microsoft Office Products Will Redefine How People Work

Updated Version of Outlook Connector 12.1 Available


And some other news:

Translate Your Outlook Emails into Other Languages

Word Team Blog blogger Joannie Stangeland started up a vodcast series called A Writer's Guide to Microsoft Office.

Tonight the site WMpoweruser leaked the image of the Zune HD – and world is awash with rumours surrounding its specs and capabilities – looks like a device that is way in front of any Apple iPod products with rumours of HDMI, HD display, touch screen, HD Radio and WiFi.

Robin Good has a fantastic guide on How To Blog Anonymously And Maintain Control Of Your Personal Privacy. He lists techniques, tools and other strategies.

He also has written this one How To Embed And Display RSS Feeds On Any Web Page: Best RSS-To-HTML Publishing Tools – linking to lots of great tools.

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APML and serendipity

Wow how amazing is this? The other day I was reading Robin Good's beginners guide to APML. I bookmarked it and a number of pages about it. What is it? Read the guide, look at the wiki and check out the APML website.

Following Robins page I found Engagd. Today at the Mix on Campus event we are listening to the founders of APML and Faraday Media in the actual conference.

Serendipity !

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Whats up with Microsoft staff blogs?

Whats up over at Microsoft?


I just cleaned out my RSS feed reader for all the inactive feeds that were not being updated. Fortunately Google Reader is good at giving me that info.


But over half of the inactive feeds were from Microsoft staff blogs, mostly about Office products, Sharepoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Word etc. In most cases the sites had never been updated to say that the person was no longer working on that team or had stopped blogging about the product. In a couple of instances there wsa an explanation and a redirect to a team blog that was being updated.