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My 3CR Radio Interview on Social Media and TV

I was interviewed yesterday by 3CR breakfast radio show in their technology spot for this morning.

I was talking about the role social media, primarily twitter, has in TV shows as a engagement method for fans and watchers, as well as the opportunity for the show broadcasters to be involved with and engage their audiences through these channels.

Here is the audio recording of the show.

Download this Media File - (Right Click)

Lena's picture

Does improving collaboration depend on culture change?

Steve Richards has written an interesting article debating whether improved collaboration will involve culture change. He starts with citing Michael's work that "we hide behind the need for culture change on many collaboration projects....if a team can run a project in email then they can run one in a collaboration tool. They don't need a change in "culture" to make the transition, they need a change in "work practice". Steve however disagrees. Read the rest of Steve's article on whether improved collaboration will involve culture change.