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Emergency 2.0 Wiki Launch Video

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Emergency 2.0 Wiki Launch

Tonight was a red letter day for the Emergency 2.0 Wiki team as we finalised and launched the Emergency 2.0 Wiki for launch.

2011-08-23 E20 Wiki Launch 017-800The team has worked tirelessly over the last few months preparing the ground for the launch tonight, setting up the technical and social connections as well as al the other contacts with stakeholders, volunteer and emergency organisations and government agencies. We are looking for experts in the different content areas to help build the content.

  • Emergency Preparation
  • Emergency Response
  • Emergency Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Communications
  • Employee Engagement
  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Risk and Mitigation
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Recordkeeping

All the details can be found in the blog post on the Emergency 2.0 Wiki blog site.

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Ping.fm Friend Feed and Profilactic

I’ve been wanting to write an article for some time now about how the social (web 2.0) web works, and why there are so many different sites out there. specifically I wanted to explain the use of sites like FriendFeed, Profilactic and Ping.fm

I have built a small diagram that hopefully illustrates a small portion of this. It is not comprehensive, though it is accurate in the detail it does show.

ping explained-600

The missing stuff includes a dotted line back from any of the sites in the 2nd or 3rd columns back to the first column.


Let me explain the circle of internet life and how Ping.fm, Profilactic and Friend Feed play a part.

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Enterprise 2.0

So what is it? Why do you need to keep reading this? Well you probably don’t, unless you work in an organisation with internet access and more than one person there. Well that’s most if us!

Did that get your attention?

How about this?

Has Facebook, MySpace, YouTube or Google videos been banned in your workplace? What about instant messaging or Skype?

I want to talk a little about why this has happened, and for the wrong reasons, and also how it will change in the very near future.

image Organisations have been very jealous of their employees time (and they have a legitimate right to require their workers to be focussed on work not their social lives while in their employ. IT managers and CIO’s have seen applications like Facebook and messenger to be purely time wasting social applications with no business use. That is starting to change.