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Data Portability and Me

Chris Saad has requested over at the Particls blog that we create a video conversation about data portability.

I have uploaded my little video to YouTube. The transcript is below.

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Data Portability gets a big push along

Data portability and data sharing / openness got a BIG shove along today with Plaxo, Google and Facebook all joining the Data Portability Forum.

Chris Saad blogged the news at Particls.

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APML and serendipity

Wow how amazing is this? The other day I was reading Robin Good's beginners guide to APML. I bookmarked it and a number of pages about it. What is it? Read the guide, look at the wiki and check out the APML website.

Following Robins page I found Engagd. Today at the Mix on Campus event we are listening to the founders of APML and Faraday Media in the actual conference.

Serendipity !