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Personal news and Photography

Our family fitness has taken another leap forward this last week with our joining in a virtual race across Australia. For us its more of an amble than a race and we are not in it to win it, but for the fitness.

Jadeen and Erin and Mercedes also received their first mentions for running on the web – though Jadeen was published in the news paper for her running a few weeks back.

garmin310 I bought a Garmin 310XT training computer watch gizmo and Jude and I have been using this to track our heart rate, speed and distance, and cadence for running and cycling. Here’s the list of our activities on Garmin Connect – you can see the maps, distances and all the details by opening up any of the specific activities. You can even use the player feature to overlay the different metrics and see them play out over the whole course. See the SheepStation Creek course I did on Sunday with Mick.

Photography stuff

After reading this article about 7 ways to get your photos seen, I created a book of photos at Blurb. It is coming soon. You can preview and purchase the book here if you are interested – it makes a great coffee table book.

I have published more photos in our Dreamcoat Photography family portraits section on Flickr. We are in the process of developing our new website for this and are now taking bookings for clients.

Swearing an Oath

Finally, I have sworn an oath this week after following the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s lead. We have both made this oath and encourage other men to do the same.

I swear:
never to commit violence against women,
never to excuse violence against women, and
never to remain silent about violence against women.
This is my oath.

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Web round up

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Booth babes and IT - and footballers and ethics

What has been a surprise this week is the explosion of news about rape and football players. Well maybe it is not a surprise to some. Many thought this sort of thing was in the past what with the sordid details of the last few years. To have it out in the open again this year shows that there are still underlying issues that are not being addressed. We have had in the last few years numerous public cases of footballers and women who are attracted to them getting themselves into messy situations. Most involving copious amounts of alcohol. Most of these involve the women making a complaint of sexual assault against one or more players. Football clubs and police cooperate fully, and there seems to no longer be the “code of silence” amongst players and clubs about “what happens on the footy trip stays on the footy trip”. Yet these incidents keep occurring.

I think Karen Willis, the manager of the NSW Rape Crisis Centre, has written a very good article for the Sydney Morning Herald calling for ethical responses by men – who have to be leaders – in this area. And while I agree with her fully, I want to add a couple of additional elements.

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Internet filters, pornography and censorship

I have written before at length about the stupidity of the government in attempting to filter the internet against pornography, or illegal content or in fact anything at all.

censor The subject of internet filtering and censorship has raised its ugly head here in Australia again. The internet and media has been buzzing in the last few days with the Rudd government’s minister for Telecommunications Stephen Conroy announcing mandatory internet filters.

This article from ZDNet with interviews from the leaders of three of Australia's largest internet service providers - Telstra Media's Justin Milne, iiNet's Michael Malone and Internode's Simon Hackett - summarises the technical legal and ethical arguments the best I have read so far.