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Clearing the browser from all the links to cool tools and content for today.

Swiss Army Knife Business Multi Tool Microsoft Stuff

Microsoft’s marketing in Europe has gone viral with “Megawoosh”, a video demonstration of a super water slide stunt by German “Projektbüro Kammerl”. The Megaswoosh, we are told, is the most unusual waterslide in the world, conceived and designed by Bruno Kammerl. It’s all a stunt to promote Mach Es Machbar, a German site featuring Microsoft Project software. The site shows Bruno using Microsoft Project to show the development of the Megawoosh project, from conception to completion with a 35.2 meter jump on a specially built Soft Slide.

Photography Stuff

  • Strobist Website
  • Wide angles lenses advert – very funny
  • Jasmine Star Photography – Cool wedding photographer blog
  • Express TimeStamp Toucher – very excellent free utility that works on vista to change date and time stamps for files. One of my daughters camera does not timestamp the photos it takes properly – and it cant be changed. So if we import them with date taken instead of date imported the dates on the files are all wrong. This tool was a nice easy way to change them all in a batch process. And its free and has no viruses!


  • Interesting article about the Russian economy
  • Logitech Vid – this one is pretty stupid actually. I am recording it here to simply predict that this is a application destined to failure. This is strange for me because i am pretty much a Logitech fanboi. However in this case they are doing something really really stupid. The basic premise of Logitech Vid is a simple video communication app – and its free if you have a Logitech webcam – but if not you get a 30 day trial and then have to pay for it. And that is why it is destined to fail. I have a Logitech webcam on my desk at my main machine. However my laptop has a built in cam – why would I pay for it so i can run it on my laptop as opposed to my desktop. My parents have a Logitech webcam (I gave it to them) but my sisters are all on laptops with built in webcams – why should they have to pay for it. At the end of the day Skype has the video communication market cornered – it works, its free and – well it just works.
  • “Harrass a Booth Babe”: A Twitter Contest Too Far? Booth babes again. I have talked about booth babes previously – and I will stand by this comment – if you need scantily clad women to sell your product, then maybe your product sucks. This contest by EA has gone way to far and I think it is an appalling idea. Most other commenters agree.