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Windows Live Mesh is not Live Mesh

Is that confusing? So are the backflips and name changes Microsoft have performed in this absolutely bizarre name changing fiasco.

Windows Live Sync iconLets review shall we.

Live Mesh Beta - know to all users by the spinning blue circle, the blue folders in explorer, the 5GB of data and the sometimes very annoying conflict resolution process, (at least it had one) has been in use for the the last few years, and was touted as an awesome mobile, device rich, application development platform. People developed car stereo systems that synched playlists, mobile handsets that synched photos to their family from their phone, and many many people used it to share files and photos both between their friends and family and co workers and their own many devices.

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Cool tools- round up

More interesting things I have found since yesterday.

Australian residents can go in the draw for a Windows 7 T-shirt courtesy of Long Zheng.

The Complete Swiss Army Knife And if you are running Windows 7 some important news about the UAC. – especially take note of the the last paragraph which says:

Update: I’d also like to reiterate, until the RC build of Windows 7 is available, everyone using the Windows 7 Beta should change their UAC setting to “max” to ensure they are safe from either UAC vulnerabilities.

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This weeks round up of news and cool web stuff

Live Mesh announces an update affecting all platforms

Windows Vista SP2 hits the streets today - Sarah has a full list of the enhancements and fixes in Vista SP2

Tony Morgan posts a though provoking piece with 10 reasons why he doesn’t like most Christians. I would agree with them all.

Rodney Olsen posted this cool video about technological and futuristic trends. I have added it here also.

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This Weeks Web Roundup

Time to unload the browser again. And I have some great stuff for you all this week. Starting with some geek humour as well as some new toys and news.

CB068324_LoResGeeks are Sexy post a YouTube video of the Big Bang Theory and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, their use of the extended version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Check it out!

HP has suddenly become an Excel Tips website! These three pages were linked in their last newsletter.

Some great news on the Windows Live front.

First of all A note about Hotmail, SkyDrive and Photos storage space from LiveSide advising that there is now a massive 50GB o free space online available to you as follows: