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Time to unload the browser again. And I have some great stuff for you all this week. Starting with some geek humour as well as some new toys and news.

CB068324_LoResGeeks are Sexy post a YouTube video of the Big Bang Theory and Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, their use of the extended version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Check it out!

HP has suddenly become an Excel Tips website! These three pages were linked in their last newsletter.

Some great news on the Windows Live front.

First of all A note about Hotmail, SkyDrive and Photos storage space from LiveSide advising that there is now a massive 50GB o free space online available to you as follows:

  1. Hotmail's minimum storage space will be 25GB and this will be ever-increasing as required at the end of each month, making it basically unlimited storage (subject to abuse control)
  2. The ability to download e-mail attachments from Hotmail into SkyDrive - allowing these attachments to be shared with others or just kept private in your online folders
  3. SkyDrive's storage space will also be 25GB, as reported previously, in addition to Hotmail's storage space
  4. SkyDrive will allow uploading of up to 1000 new files stored per month - note that this only applies to newly uploaded files during that particular month, so total storage can well exceed 1000 files (it is unsure whether this also applies to Photos and those Hotmail e-mail attachments downloaded into SkyDrive)
  5. Photos will utilize SkyDrive’s 25GB of storage space for storage of full resolution photos

Wow! That should be enough to backup most individual’s personal data. I am going to be setting up a trial run of this and blogging about it later.

Sarah Perez blogs about the new Windows Live Photo Gallery plugins for YouTube and Face Book.

Go straight to the sites: Live Upload to FaceBook Plugin. Live Upload to YouTube Plugin.

Windows Live Wave 3 icons in full size images available on I started something. (Need to be cut from one large image)

The last Live news for this week is a very techy (developer oriented) post about how live mesh applications can really rock from Danny Thorpe.

Nick Hodge writes a well thought out approach to the whole Australian Net Filter Censorship thing.

Hot Hard Ware have an article about Sweden’s Ultra-Modern Underground Data Centre. Built in an old nuclear bunker this thing looks like something from a James Bond movie. When I saw the pics my first thought was “Wow that would be a cool work environment!”

Buzzard Blog has some good points in his article titled Thinking Biblically about Facebook. Taken from his sermon notes there is some very useful and practical ideas for anybody who uses Facebook. Things like not wasting time writing status updates like “Chewing Gum” for example!

Jean-Phillipe Goude has some very cool violin music on his My Space site. Have a listen. Hat tip to Walking Stick. Andy also has some good Facebook Status lessons!

Don’t know how we missed this movie but One Night with the King looks like a good one to try and get a hold of.


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OliviaB's picture

My friend just introduced me

My friend just introduced me to The Big Bang Theory using that same clip! Ever since then, I've been a close fan. There's something about them that is charming. And I don't even think it's over-acting. You see profiles like them walking the halls of universities and offices. Hilarious! ~ Olivia, criminal defense lawyer

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yeah thats what happened to

yeah thats what happened to us - love the show!

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