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The ups and downs of a condom advert - rip and roll

I am finally going to weigh into this public debate that has turned into a farce.


Some of what I am going to say is factual and other is opinion - I will clearly define each. Comments will be moderated - if you shoot the messenger and not the message, if you cant elucidate your thought clearly without turning to vitriolic or childish abuse then i will moderate / delete your comments. However if you care to comment on either side of the debate clearly and succinctly then I will allow you comment with no editing.


First let me describe the situation for clarity.

A Rip and Roll advert appeared in bus shelters and billboards. It shows a man kissing another man on the neck while embracing him from behind while holding a condom.

The advert is clearly not G-rated, and contains messages that are clearly not suitable for children (regardless of your sexual persuasions).

There was an immediate request to the advertising company by Senate candidate Wendy Francis and this resulted in the ads being removed. A counter response by gay activist groups had them reinstated and a media storm resulted. Refer: The Drum

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Links for today

These links are to good advice around creating email policies for your organisation.

Level Up – an interesting website for 8-12 year old girls around purity and other teen girl issues – relevant for me with a 13yr old and 11 yr old daughter


Focus stacking tutorial – something to learn from

ZFlick – a cool lightweight app on the Adobe Air Platform for searching Flickr – very cool visual effects.

Zior Photo – some pretty cool photography

What stormtroopers do on their day off

11 tips to succeed with a Photo365 Project. See my 365 days of Bokeh photos on flickr

And some of my latest pics suitable for use as desktop backgrounds – If you want to download them just click on them to get the full size file. then right click to download to your computer.

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Personal news and Photography

Our family fitness has taken another leap forward this last week with our joining in a virtual race across Australia. For us its more of an amble than a race and we are not in it to win it, but for the fitness.

Jadeen and Erin and Mercedes also received their first mentions for running on the web – though Jadeen was published in the news paper for her running a few weeks back.

garmin310 I bought a Garmin 310XT training computer watch gizmo and Jude and I have been using this to track our heart rate, speed and distance, and cadence for running and cycling. Here’s the list of our activities on Garmin Connect – you can see the maps, distances and all the details by opening up any of the specific activities. You can even use the player feature to overlay the different metrics and see them play out over the whole course. See the SheepStation Creek course I did on Sunday with Mick.

Photography stuff

After reading this article about 7 ways to get your photos seen, I created a book of photos at Blurb. It is coming soon. You can preview and purchase the book here if you are interested – it makes a great coffee table book.

I have published more photos in our Dreamcoat Photography family portraits section on Flickr. We are in the process of developing our new website for this and are now taking bookings for clients.

Swearing an Oath

Finally, I have sworn an oath this week after following the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s lead. We have both made this oath and encourage other men to do the same.

I swear:
never to commit violence against women,
never to excuse violence against women, and
never to remain silent about violence against women.
This is my oath.

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