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How come I know so much?

People often ask me that. Not gloating or anything – grin.

No seriously, its not that I know more than others. Its just that I use a website to share it. Anybody who has lived to 40 as I have will have had plenty of experience and learnt lots of things. People who have lived longer tend to know more, and people who are younger tend to know less and think they know more!

However when it comes to knowledge there are some important things to understand. I remember when I finally got my head around these concepts it was like breaking through a brick wall or finally creating the right mix of chemicals! Ka-Boom!

CBR003298_LoRes First there is far more knowledge than you realise. About lots of things. As soon as you can possible make the admittance that you don’t know everything there is to know about any given subject, and that other people may know more or different things about the same subject the sooner you will stop being a “know-it-all” annoying type of person. I used to be one of these before this “revelation” hit me. More on this below. I think the worst thing I can hear some one say is that they don’t need to learn about something because they know all they need to know about it. The only thing sadder than that is the person who is convinced they are right about their knowledge of a subject and is not prepared to listen to reasoned debate of alternative views. Religion and politics feature highly with this one.

Second there are 4 types of knowledge.