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More interesting things I have found since yesterday.

Australian residents can go in the draw for a Windows 7 T-shirt courtesy of Long Zheng.

The Complete Swiss Army Knife And if you are running Windows 7 some important news about the UAC. – especially take note of the the last paragraph which says:

Update: I’d also like to reiterate, until the RC build of Windows 7 is available, everyone using the Windows 7 Beta should change their UAC setting to “max” to ensure they are safe from either UAC vulnerabilities.

Skype have released version 4 for Windows. Download Skype 4 now.

the Windows Home Server team blog posted this on 5th Feb:

TechReady is a bi-annual readiness and training event for Microsoft technical employees.  It includes sessions on current and upcoming products, technologies and solutions.  While the event primarily targets the enterprise space, Windows Home Server has participated for the past couple of years.

This time around, Windows Home Server was pleased to host a Chalk Talk titled,"Confessions of a Windows Home Server User: This session will show you how one of your peers is using Windows Home Server to build out their digital home.  Learn first-hand about how to have your digital assets centrally accessible and available on devices both inside and outside of your home."

What about you?  Post a link to your video in the Comments section and show us how you have transformed your home using Widows Home Server.  You may even end up as our Featured Story on the Windows Home Server Community Page.

Talking Windows Home Server, I needed to restore a PC from backup. I had all ends of trouble getting the PC to start the restore. I could get the restore CD to boot the computer and even locate the home server and the specific backup I wanted to restore from but could get no further than that.

Lara3 I did a fair amount of googling and discovered something interesting.

Because my network revolves around a DHCP server that is on a specific DNS server address I have that IP Address set in all my network card settings as the DNS server to locate in order to join the domain. As the Windows Home Servers are not joined to the domain but just in the same LAN this stops the DHCP from assigning the correct addresses to the network card of the PC being restored (or something like that.

Any way the solution for me was to reset the server and PC NICs to dynamically assign, break them off the normal network and create a secondary network with a DHCPO server (i used an old Linux server I have  as a backup server) but any router with a DHCP server in it would do fine. Once the two machines were connected on the completely separate network – including rebooting them both to reset IP addresses correctly, the PC was able to restore from the home network with no problems.

Google Earth 5.0 has been released – includes underwater now. So download Google Earth 5.0 now and explore the earth, under the sea, the moon sky and mars.

Eyes Relax is an application that forces you or your kids to have a break from the computer.

The Liveside blog posts more Live mesh news – including a request for feedback to help Live Mesh be improved.

Mostly Lisa posts a great explanation for digital photographers on handling light well in your photography. She should know – she is an excellent photographer.

Finally Wired have posted a quiz on who you think should replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.