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Right now Social Media is huge. For some people Facebook is the internet. Every TV show you watch has a back channel on twitter, and live commentary on most sports shows are now mentioning the tweets they are reading during the broadcast – indicating the commentators are well aware of how their performance as well as the sport itself are being discussed in this live manner. People were even given early warning of a recent earthquake in the US via Twitter.

As companies and brands race to adopt social media and harness the obvious power in the potential engagement with their fans and others there are scores of tools and analytics being produced and made available to users. Some of these are free, others have a free component as a teaser to get you to purchase their premium services and others are far more consultative and personalised and thus more expensive from the get go.

I have been trialling and researching a lot here recently. My tweet cloud shows my most used word in twitter is #socialmedia.


Here are some of the tools I have been using and trialling. This isn’t a “thou should use these” type of post, but i do invite you to check these out and see if they suit your requirements. No particular order to these. – a web browser based tool that allows you to aggregate various accounts and then analyse them, provide trending topics and info and i find it as good source of news to follow and share. Search your own twitter name or other keyword and see what exposure you are getting. Heres mine. a new analytical tool i am trialling. Seems to have some pretty detailed data and charts. some pretty cool ego surfing here! – credibility tool and analysis of all sorts of useful information as well. indexing and ranking tool of credibility showing influencers and those you influence, topic credibility and has a perk system as well.

image an credibility style tool like Klout and Kred but nowhere near as good in my opinion.  i couldn’t operate without tweetdeck – both the PC app and the mobile app on my android phone and tablet. Add multiple accounts, tweet from any of them, add columns for search, synch settings across devices, engage with followers and conversations. analytics tool – use to check keywords, users sources and hashtags keyword analysis tool – useful for checking who’s talking about you and your keywords a good analysis tool offering many different ways to slice – including analysing your followers, as well as those you follow. Probably the best detailed breakdown of any of the tools here.

image – an invaluable tool for setting timing of tweets. i research 2 times a day and stage tweets to go out using buffer. I have it on my pc browser and also my tablet and phone, so i can access it in all three places. You can change the order of timing, edit the actual tweet, post it now etc. this tool is great for understanding the reach your tweets had as well as indicating people you should engage with. check the magnitude your brand has on many of the popular social media platforms. – an analytic tool that i haven’t found too useful in the free version – but I can see the value in the paid version. Check it out and see if the paid version would be useful to you.

Finally I have started a newsletter – I have two, a weekly spyjournal special version and a daily newspaper. Feel free to subscribe.

Do you have any other tools or services that you use or recommend?


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Tim, what in your view is the

Tim, what in your view is the best tool for monitoring and actively tweeting multiple twitter accounts and/or other social media accounts? I used to use Tweetdeck, but they were bought by Twitter (I think) and I've had trouble with it since then.

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I know you posted a lot of

I know you posted a lot of them. I'm looking through your list. Wondering if you're up for telling us your favs.

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ok i actively use tweetdeck

ok i actively use tweetdeck for monitoring accounts and i use it for some tweeting and replying. i definitely use it for searches for hashtags im monitoring and it synchs across my tablet phone and pc so thats great.
I love the windows 8 twitter app Tweetro - i realise most wont have access to it but its way cool - awesome layout and great to use.
i use bottlenose for monitoring streams, feeds and accounts - runs in the browser.
i use buffer to do most of my posting now - runs in browser and with a chrome extension - very good - also runs on my tablet and phone
i use feedly to reed my google reader account - and from there share stuff using buffer - i mostly use this at night time on my tablet while watching tv. anything i really want to review later on in depth i email to myself
for monitoring i love crowdbooster as it suggest followers i should engage with.
new tools ive found since this post - and sulia is a great trending topic location tool. alternion im not sure about yet.

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Hi I think that it’s more

Hi I think that it’s more important for brands to create a truly integrated, on going system which can properly quantify the value of our social media efforts, and provide a continuous commercial monitor.Learn about social media’s key limitations and how social media strategies and technology will need to evolve.