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Microsoft Sharepoint Deep Dive Training

I really want to go to this training session - a MOSS Deep Dive for 4 days, but.... and its a big but! Its $2860.
Still I can dream I get a contract between now and the beginning of November with a client working on Sharepoint that will pay me to go...

Heres what I would learn.
At course completion students will be able to:

  • Upgrade their Sharepoint v2 sites/portals to Sharepoint V3.
  • Implement and extend Microsoft Office client side solutions.
  • Implement custom workflows developed in Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Setup and configure Sharepoint 2007 Infrastructure.
  • Architect the ‘Portal’ and sub-sites layouts and best strategies.
  • Know what the best practices are within the Sharepoint Space.
  • Create custom WebParts and Sharepoint customizations with ease.
  • Create Site wide features and event handlers.

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Kid Free Date Night!

My parents took the eldest 2 girls away on a 4 day holiday with them to Sugar Loaf Mountain on Wednesday. Jude's mum and sisters took the younger 2 girls last night for the night. We went on a double date - with our friends Michael and Leah.
First to Hogs Breath for dinner - where I had a free birthday meal, and then home to our place where we had hot chocolate or coffee and watched a movie. It was lots of fun!
It was real nice to hear a knock knock knock on the door this morning and to open it to find Erin and Mercedes there. Both Erin and Mercedes enjoyed staying away at Grandmas.

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Weird dream

I had a most bizarre dream last night - yet it was very vivid.
Rohan (my web admin) and Dell his wife were hosting a biker party at their house, which was in our suburb (which it isn't. The house was not theirs either.) The bikers turned up with an old Bedford truck full of beer in white vegetable polystyrene cases and parked it in the garage. While watching them get stuck into the beer I noticed that there was a gigantic roast turkey on a table. Rohan then turned into Doug who also works for me. His smallest child Evan was running amok in the now strangely empty garage. Sarah his 14 yr old daughter was sitting out side ignoring the party and not wanting to be involved in anything. Then a parachuting Father Christmas appeared in the sky and was heading for a pub nearby (where there isn't one really) and landed in the street outside instead.

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Power fluctuations

Its very hard to work when the power keeps flickering. We are in the middle of storm season - lightning strikes and thunderstorms are common at the moment. Our car got damaged by hail the size of ice cubes. We have had a laptop fail and a UPS blow up! Fortunately both are under warranty.
Hopefully I will get an uninterrupted afternoon and evening of work with no more storms today. (All our pcs and network equipment are protected by UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies)