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Home group tonight was good. After a late start we enjoyed a nice meal and then my Dad led a study on 1 Peter 3:18 and 4:1 about suffering.
Lots of good discussion ensued.

They leave tomorrow to head back to New Zealand.

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Drupal for Churches

We will shortly start offering Drupal developed website development and hosting packages for Churches and other not-for-profit organisations. I have created a pre-release promotional offer over at

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Microsoft Sharepoint Deep Dive Training

I really want to go to this training session - a MOSS Deep Dive for 4 days, but.... and its a big but! Its $2860.
Still I can dream I get a contract between now and the beginning of November with a client working on Sharepoint that will pay me to go...

Heres what I would learn.
At course completion students will be able to:

  • Upgrade their Sharepoint v2 sites/portals to Sharepoint V3.
  • Implement and extend Microsoft Office client side solutions.
  • Implement custom workflows developed in Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • Setup and configure Sharepoint 2007 Infrastructure.
  • Architect the ‘Portal’ and sub-sites layouts and best strategies.
  • Know what the best practices are within the Sharepoint Space.
  • Create custom WebParts and Sharepoint customizations with ease.
  • Create Site wide features and event handlers.

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Kid Free Date Night!

My parents took the eldest 2 girls away on a 4 day holiday with them to Sugar Loaf Mountain on Wednesday. Jude's mum and sisters took the younger 2 girls last night for the night. We went on a double date - with our friends Michael and Leah.
First to Hogs Breath for dinner - where I had a free birthday meal, and then home to our place where we had hot chocolate or coffee and watched a movie. It was lots of fun!
It was real nice to hear a knock knock knock on the door this morning and to open it to find Erin and Mercedes there. Both Erin and Mercedes enjoyed staying away at Grandmas.