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Great start to the day

My wife suggested I go for a run this morning, so at 7:45 I pushed myself out the door and stretched and the headed out on a run. It was a beautiful start to the morning and the sun was warm and the running was good. I felt great, even when I got back. Walking up the street to our place was a good way to stretch the calves.

Into the airconditioning and some more stretches before cleaning the fish tanks. It is always great to see the tanks nice and clean, and though it will be a couple of hours before the filters remove all the cloudiness from the water, I got some great shots with my mobile phone camera.

Then into work.

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Busy Day

Had a busy day today - am ready to go to Red Rooster for dinner!

  • This site is mostly finished - theres still a few small tweaks to go.
  • Worked on clients projects most of the day - have lots on the go.
  • Dealt with 2 clients websites that have issues (the clients not the websites!)
  • Finished our end of year tax reporting as well.
  • Now time to relax for the evening - away from the PC!
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Interesting ethical questions

I was reading an article on Real Live Preacher the other day.

Gordon poses the questions of what is morality as it relates to fantasy. When we are playing a game, acting a fantasy or story, reading a novel, watching a movie, is there a line between good and evil actions? Is child sex in a cartoon OK? The English propose to make it illegal. Why not then extend this to rape, murder, stealing, drug use, etc in movies, stories, books, etc. Alternatively, if it is OK to have some of these illegal activities portrayed in fictional situations, why not all of them? On what basis do we determine that some are good and some are bad?

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Digging the garden

My dad always said there was no need to go to the gym when you had a garden you could go and dig!

Well I just finished digging the garden twice over, once to turn it over and the second time to work through all the mulch and compost I put into it.

I got away with only one blister!