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Running and The Terminal

Did a lot of running today - ran 2 kms in 12 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up and then about another 4-5km or so in jogging interspersed with short sprints. (more sprinting than jogging!) Corey was tough on us but its all good!

Jude and I watched The Terminal tonight - really funny movie. I was crying with laughter at the romantic dinner scene.

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Insurance Fun and Games

Its all fun and games with insurance here.

In the last couple of weeks we have had 3 separate insurance issues to deal with.

First, we had a computer breakdown. We have a policy that covers this specifically, so we had emergency repairs to do and then wait for the cheque to come. that took 3 weeks and we were out of pocket $3500 while we were waiting.

Then we had the car that we had sold but not swapped over (short by two days) hit by hail and a lot of damage to panels. The car yard no longer wants to give us our agreed trade price and the insurers assessor has assessed the damage as repairs only. However there is a secondary cost and that is to the market value of the vehicle. The car yard have declared even if it is repaired they wont give us the same price, and without repairs the trade in is way less than what the insurance would pay out. I am in "negotiations" with the insurance company to honour their commitment to repair to original market value.

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Are these the cutest kids in the world?

I took Erin and Mercedes to the park on the weekend and played with them while Jadeen and Miranda were away with Grandad and Grandma. I got some really cool pictures - some posed and some not.

Here is Mercedes in wonderment over a dandelion seed head that was floating around. She was so careful with it not wanting to squash it and it kept floating away and she would go running after it again. It took me ages to get a good photo because she wouldn't stay still and I only had the camera phone and low light as the sun had just set.

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The Internet, Pornograpy, Filters and Sexual Predators

There is a huge public discussion on internet pornography. Whether we realise it or not, porn is a very large (read profitable) part of the internet. Censorship is being considered and lots of organisations are calling for governments to variously protect children, filter porn, provide regulation etc.
Worthwhile organisations like the Australian Family Association have posted articles calling for an urgent mandatory filtering of pornography at a national ISP level and make statements like this Every Australian has a fundamental right to access the internet free from pornography and extreme violence.
While I completely agree with the intention behind these statements, they fall short in a number of areas.
The first area where these ideas fall down is the actual concept of censorship and responsibility.