Great start to the day

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My wife suggested I go for a run this morning, so at 7:45 I pushed myself out the door and stretched and the headed out on a run. It was a beautiful start to the morning and the sun was warm and the running was good. I felt great, even when I got back. Walking up the street to our place was a good way to stretch the calves.

Into the airconditioning and some more stretches before cleaning the fish tanks. It is always great to see the tanks nice and clean, and though it will be a couple of hours before the filters remove all the cloudiness from the water, I got some great shots with my mobile phone camera.

Then into work.
Today I have to bill a whole bunch of clients for work completed, get an invoice for our new car (which hasn't arrived yet - its somewhere in transit on a truck), sort out an insurance claim, complete a major piece of Excel work for a client, pay some bills and manipulate some end of year figures for another client. Before I wrote this I had already fixed a form submission issue on a client's website.

I plan to take tonight off and hang with the kids doing fun things. Last night we went and played glow in the dark frisbee in a park and then played carcasonne. Tonight we might do something similar or watch a movie.

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