Interesting ethical questions

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I was reading an article on Real Live Preacher the other day.

Gordon poses the questions of what is morality as it relates to fantasy. When we are playing a game, acting a fantasy or story, reading a novel, watching a movie, is there a line between good and evil actions? Is child sex in a cartoon OK? The English propose to make it illegal. Why not then extend this to rape, murder, stealing, drug use, etc in movies, stories, books, etc. Alternatively, if it is OK to have some of these illegal activities portrayed in fictional situations, why not all of them? On what basis do we determine that some are good and some are bad?
In Australia, there is a debate about smoking. All businesses now ban smoking except in specific smoking rooms, or outside away from doorways. There has been a call to remove smoking from cartoons, and I think Disney has responded positively here. Why not make smoking illegal in movies, books etc? Where is the line between censorship, public health education, and morality drawn?

Lots of questions I know - let me know your thoughts.


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A difficult set of questions

A difficult set of questions that don't really have one blanket answer.
Take smoking first.
Smoking is really a health issue although it is rapidly becoming an antisocial activity. I would love to see a smoke-free world although I realise that is not going to happen. However, Australia has made rapid progress in heading that way with banning smoking in work places, restaurants etc. I know some smokers who will not smoke inside their own home now. Actually most people I know do not smoke anymore. Gteat!!!!! Definitely should be deleted from childrens tv.
I'm sure most people, in this country anyway, know the difference between right and wrong and would never murder, rape, or deliberately harm another.
However hiding these things away from public view doesn't make them go away. The young need to be educated re the dangers of drug and alcohol use so as to make good choices. My age group was not educated and things have spread from there.
Most definitely, child sex should never be seen as ok. or any form of child abuse. However, I know it exists and people should be made aware so as to protect children. Although I'm sure some of the rules by some authorities go to far and don't really do as intended, eg, a blue card is only good if a person has never been caught in a crime. It doesn't automatically make a person trustworthy. Also, taking a photo with children playing in the background doesn't necessarily make you a pervert.
These issues could take many hours of discussion and there is no one answer to any of them. However hiding them away with blanket bans is not the answer.
Good luck!