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A week in Gods care

I just had to write of some of the awesome things that have been happening around here. This blog has been a little empty of late - and that's partly because of the new business taking up time, the photography business kicking along and just the sheer business of life. But some things have been happening that are connected in ways that are amazing giving me cause to write this article. The photo here was taken Sunday afternoon as a planned shoot for a connected human or a cyborg theme. In this case the two people are totally connected and entangled in the cables and trappings of computer hardware. It was a very interesting concept to put together and shoot and the whole team had a great amount of fun doing it.

2010-08-22 Cyborg Shoot 100Lets start with Sunday - the beginning of the week. For just over a year now our church has been searching for a new pastor after the leaving of the last one. Sunday the search ended with the pastor the search committee and the leadership recommended being accepted by the church. At the conclusion of that meeting we had a BBQ lunch and I was able to share with the church first the little miracle that took place where god miraculously provided the two trays of sliced bread we needed for that lunch. I used that as an example to show how Gods care for us in even the little things is an example of his absolute care for us in all things. Stressing and having anxiety over things in our life is wrong, hurtful and unhealthy.

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An embarrassing website is an embarrassing website name. Shelby Corbitt who writes this website makes numerous claims here regarding a "rapture" that was supposed to happen in 2007. Well news for Shelby, no rapture buddy. He/She has already tried to explain why this didn't happen but the explanation is pretty pointless.

Some of the mistakes Shelby has made include:

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Lots of useful stuff in Ephesians 5

Following my post about Sunday I had a comment to respond to regarding what we found in Ephesians.

There's lots of useful stuff in Ephesians. Some of the best stuff there was in relation to how as husbands we are to love our wives as Christ loved the church - there are lots of parallels there - and as a result the wife will submit to the husband - as the girls pointed out they are more likely to want to when we love them that way.

Specific things included building them up and edifying them, assisting them to grow spiritually, loving them sacrificially, etc.

The group dynamic was also interesting - put 4 couples in a room and there's always some interesting comments!

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Fun Sunday Night

We had a great day today. First we went to see Dr Jonathan Sarfati present information on Creation Science. He presented some very good deconstructions of evolutionist positions on things like the Grand Canyon, the fossil record and cell design.

Following that we hung out with the Lehtonens for lunch at our place for a while. Later in the afternoon (after a nap) I took the kids up to the park for a play. Mercedes gets so excited about bugs. I showed her a little bug that was crawling along the grass and she watched entranced as it got to the top of a grass stem - balancing akwardly - and then eventually launched up and flew away - "Bye Bye Bug" she said.

My next job was mopping the floors! 

Home group and a shared meal for dinner. Our pastor came tonight and we looked closely at Ephesians chapter 5 and the roles of husband and wife in marriage.