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A week in Gods care

I just had to write of some of the awesome things that have been happening around here. This blog has been a little empty of late - and that's partly because of the new business taking up time, the photography business kicking along and just the sheer business of life. But some things have been happening that are connected in ways that are amazing giving me cause to write this article. The photo here was taken Sunday afternoon as a planned shoot for a connected human or a cyborg theme. In this case the two people are totally connected and entangled in the cables and trappings of computer hardware. It was a very interesting concept to put together and shoot and the whole team had a great amount of fun doing it.

2010-08-22 Cyborg Shoot 100Lets start with Sunday - the beginning of the week. For just over a year now our church has been searching for a new pastor after the leaving of the last one. Sunday the search ended with the pastor the search committee and the leadership recommended being accepted by the church. At the conclusion of that meeting we had a BBQ lunch and I was able to share with the church first the little miracle that took place where god miraculously provided the two trays of sliced bread we needed for that lunch. I used that as an example to show how Gods care for us in even the little things is an example of his absolute care for us in all things. Stressing and having anxiety over things in our life is wrong, hurtful and unhealthy.

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Fast or Feast - some thoughts

My mother pointed me to an interesting article the other day, titled Keep the Fast, Keep the Feast by Peter Leithart who blogs at

CB004060_LoRes He starts by writing this:

Over the centuries, Christians have fasted for many reasons. Sometimes the reasons have been good. The apostles and their churches fasted and prayed before selecting elders or ordaining missionaries. Christians have fasted in mourning for their sins. They have fasted and prayed to combat demons and to plead with God for relief from disaster.

Often, of course, they have fasted for bad reasons. They fasted because they believed flesh was evil, because they felt desperately guilty and forgot God’s love in sending his Son to cleanse their sins, because they wanted God to notice how wonderfully pious they were.

In spite of errors and abuses, Christians in the past had sound intuitions about the centrality of fasting in the Christian life. In the early Church, fasting was not an isolated practice reserved for a day or a season. It was a clue to all Christian living, a perspective on the whole of discipleship. To be a Christian meant to participate in a great feast. It meant also to observe a great fast.

I was interested enough to read on and found some real gems.

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Cool tools round up

A bunch of great things have come across my desk lately – haven’t got time to write about them all so here’s the links. go read them yourself.

tools Outlook signatures – how to back them up from one pc / profile to another

Latest release of Live Mesh – the news from the Liveside blog

Office Live Update 1.1

Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus

Open Source Mission - Bible Translation Wiki and Andree Yee – as introduced by Marcus Goodyear

CCBlogs – we built this site! go read the cool theological discussions that are happening here.

Not sure if I shared this one before or not. I built this social site for the basketball team I coach using Ning software – its great. Use it for free to develop a great social site for your organisation. Can be public or private.

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An embarrassing website is an embarrassing website name. Shelby Corbitt who writes this website makes numerous claims here regarding a "rapture" that was supposed to happen in 2007. Well news for Shelby, no rapture buddy. He/She has already tried to explain why this didn't happen but the explanation is pretty pointless.

Some of the mistakes Shelby has made include: