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jethro's picture is an embarrassing website name. Shelby Corbitt who writes this website makes numerous claims here regarding a "rapture" that was supposed to happen in 2007. Well news for Shelby, no rapture buddy. He/She has already tried to explain why this didn't happen but the explanation is pretty pointless.

Some of the mistakes Shelby has made include:

  • confusing mans construct of the rapture with God's explanation of Christ's second coming. Check out this explanation of why Dispensationalism is paralysed.
  • assuming God will advise Shelby of the time, when even Jesus doesn't know. Mat 24:36 Additionally the time of his coming is "as a thief in the night" 1 The 5:2. What thief ever advertised the time of his coming?
  • that God will tell Shelby the news so we can find out - his quote "I will post all messages and information from God as I get it. Until God says something new keep doing what He has already said to do." This is in direct conflict with Revelations 22:18-19

Maybe Shelby watched the movie Left Behind or read the book series written and promoted in a huge money making enterprise for Tim LaHaye. Read this expose of just some of the reasons why these books and movies are so patently false.

Regardless, is an embarrassment to all the people like Shelby who proclaim some "insider knowledge" with God, and thus set them selves up for a fall.


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I notice it's been taken

I notice it's been taken offline. Or at least I couldn't get to it. ;-)

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Update: site is offline

Update: site is offline however googl caches it so i have pasted the pertinent stuff here.

Copied from 

January 1, 2008

We made
it to 2008. I am extremely disappointed that I was wrong about the
rapture. I apologize for any disappointment I caused others. I
apologized on my main page. I will leave it up for a few days before I
take the website down. I want to thank the 1000's of emails I have
gotten over the past few days, expressing the gratitude to the website.
So many of you have said that even if the prophecy did not happen the
website helped them to get back in touch with God and get their lives
straight. I am so glad that good came from this whole ordeal. Several
people want to know what I intend to do. I am a nurse so I will go back
to work, unless I have another option come to me that sounds better. I
really do not have much to say at this point. God bless you all and have a Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2007

we are in the midnight hour. In my dream God spoke to me the night
before the rapture and told me He was coming before daylight. I HAVE
NOT HEARD GOD SAY THAT TO ME YET, (it is 6pm) I also said we were
swimming the day before.No one was swimming today at my house. My
outdoor thermometer was almost 80 degrees, but it was ugly, gloomy and
rainy all day. To the ones who are writing in accusing me of being
prideful, vain and self-righteous, I just want to say that you are
wrong. You don't know me. I am not like that at all. I have held on to
this prophecy to the end because I do not want to give up on what I
believe God has called me to do. Not because of pride or vanity. I have
not been on some power trip. I have prayed daily and humbled myself
before God daily and said please God if there is absolutely anything
about this prophecy or the interpretation of this prophecy that I need
to change please tell me because I am influencing many lives. I did not
at all hear God tell me to stop or change anything. If I did, I would
have done it immediately, because my bottomline to this prophecy is to
please God and be obedient to His voice and His voice only. I promised
God in the very beginning that He could count on me and I would not
waiver at the voices and opinions of others, no matter who they are. I
have done that. I have told you this so you would understand that I
have taken this responsibility and this prophecy very seriously. God
knew when I stepped out with this, I would hold on to the end. He's the
one who made me who I am so I believe He looked for someone with my
personality to be this messenger. Yes I know it is 6pm on December 31,
2007 and it doesn't "feel like" the rapture will happen this year, but
2007 is still not over yet!! And I still believe that the rapture can
happen tonight. I won't give up unless I wake up in the morning in my
own bed. I do not regret this ministry at all.

another link with some quotes