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What is it like to have a daughter who is engaged?

The second one just proposed to her boyfriend – and he said yes.

Interesting times.

There are now rings on fingers, lots of conversations and plans being made for weddings – even though the projected date is September 2018.

Here are some pics I did for them to commemorate the engagement.

2016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0092016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0252016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0442016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0622016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0692016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 078

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Overflowing with Love for Daddy

Last night after dinner the kids were playing contortionist games on the floor, spinning around and stretching and having fun. I was sitting in the chair watching them play and asked who could do the strangest thing with their body. Mercedes climbed up on to me and gave me a full on cuddle. I said Mercedes wins - she is cuddling me. Next minute I had 4 clingons as they all rushed me for a cuddle!


As I was putting them to bed more cuddles came. As I said good night to Miranda and Jadeen, Miranda said "I have so much love for you I am overflowing with love for you Daddy." Jadeen said "Me too!"


I guess their love tanks are full.

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Maxim Institute releases report about fathering

Going Further With Fathers released

The Maxim Institute just released a new research report, Going Further With Fathers: Can fathers make unique contributions to the lives of their children? The report, primarily comprised of a literature review, found that if a father is actively involved in the lives of his children, he can help improve their outcomes in a range of areas, including their educational achievement, psychological well-being and their pro-social behaviour. Crucially, fathers have to go beyond being merely present to positively affect their children.

The ways in which fathers can benefit their children include pathways such as their childcare; being close to, and supportive of, them; and by playing with their children in sensitive and challenging ways.

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False Christianity Exposed

Jesus preached Woe on the pharisees and other religious hypocrites of the day in Matthew 23.

In our day there are many who have a form of Godliness but deny the reality of it. Some of this can bee seen in their actions. There are numerous websites and emails circulating that are attempts by people calling themselves christians, some well meaning, others I believe deliberately fraudulent.

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