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What is it like to have a daughter who is engaged?

The second one just proposed to her boyfriend – and he said yes.

Interesting times.

There are now rings on fingers, lots of conversations and plans being made for weddings – even though the projected date is September 2018.

Here are some pics I did for them to commemorate the engagement.

2016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0092016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0252016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0442016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0622016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 0692016-09-09 Jadeen and Josh Engagement 078

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Weekend Wrap up

I love having weekends off. I decided not to work this weekend and it was a great time.

I am going back to Thursday, because I took Thursday night off as well. After work I went to the park in the late afternoon / early evening with the kids. I dug a big sandcastle with the shovel including a tunnel through the castle wall. The kids had lots of fun playing this – and the games they thought up were amazing.

image821 image824image853 image830

Friday night I also took off and we watched a movie together before I watched the tour De France with a mate.

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Reading Books

Its been a long time since I last updated my book list on here.

Since then I have read the next three books in the Serrano Series by Elizabeth Moon, Rules of Engagement, Change of Command and Against the Odds.  I have one left to read in this series. I also enjoyed her Vatta's War series having read the first 4 books. One more to read in this series also.

Currently I am reading Janny Wurts Light and Shadow series latest book Stormed Fortress.

I am also reading aloud to the kids a lot. I have finished reading Swallows and Amazons and Swallowdale, two of the awesome Arthur Ransome books to the two eldest girls. They really enjoyed the books. Now I am reading Winnie the Pooh to Erin, The Chronicles of Narnia to Jadeen, and The Lord of the Rings to Miranda. We have finished the Magicians nephew and are into the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with Jadeen Miranda pesters me every night to read the next chapter of the Lord of the Rings. Last night we entered Lothlorien. As we have been reading the series we are also watching the movies. So far she has seen the first disc from the first movie and can't wait to finish the Fellowship of the ring so we can watch the second half together. Its been interesting seeing what was left out of the movies or changed to make the movies work better.

I am sure there are some more I have read and forgotten as well. I have received a large number of books for birthday and Christmas since October, and they are all in my to be read book shelf.

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Random information - creek surfing and flies

Yesterday I went down to the local bakery for some fresh bread for lunch. On the way there I was fantasizing and salivating about the potential choices of cheese encrusted buns, rolls, twists etc that I might choose. However when I got there the counter cabinets displaying all the pies and rolls, cream buns and tarts and slices etc had several flies flying around in them and crawling on the food. I quickly switched my attention to the loaves of bread up the back shelves behind the counter that appeared to be fly free and went home with 2 sliced multi-grain loaves encrusted with sesame seeds instead.