Weekend Wrap up

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I love having weekends off. I decided not to work this weekend and it was a great time.

I am going back to Thursday, because I took Thursday night off as well. After work I went to the park in the late afternoon / early evening with the kids. I dug a big sandcastle with the shovel including a tunnel through the castle wall. The kids had lots of fun playing this – and the games they thought up were amazing.

image821 image824image853 image830

Friday night I also took off and we watched a movie together before I watched the tour De France with a mate.

Saturday we spent the morning with playing Wii fit and other bits and pieces. After lunch it was all hands on deck to clean the house ready for our guests. Saturday evening we had 3 families plus ourselves here, a total of 17 kids and 7 adults. we had a fantastic roast lamb and veggies dinner (cooked by me!) and then some yummy deserts brought by some of the guests. The kids were prefed with a big cook pot of cheerios and some chips so they had the edge taken of their hunger. This meant that when we served dinner the adults were able to eat in peace as the kids were spread around the house involved in various activities, some were playing on the Wii, others were playing Dawn of War on the computers, some more playing with the animals and some more watching a movie. After a great meal and chat the adults settled down for a game of Texas Hold’ Em Poker. unfortunately this was drawn to a halt all too soon due to kids bedtimes. After the guests had all left Jude and I watched some Black Adder together before I watched the Tour De France.

Sunday we went to church, and it was my turn to take the kids out to watch a DVD while adults church was on. This is the last week of holidays and next week kids church will be back on (Hooray!). After church I stayed on for a leadership meeting and soup lunch.

Once I got home I did a few small chores then headed out for a long bike cross country ride. I met up with another rider who was very fast and pushed me to my limit to keep up with him. I had a blast riding with him before our ways parted and then I found I was so exhausted I could hardly ride up the last couple of hills to home. I managed though. Today I feel real good! We watched a couple of episodes of Get Smart before dinner. After dinner I went to a men's prayer meeting then came home in time to feed the fish and kick back and watch them for a little before Michael arrived to watch the Tour de France with me (we also watched the German Grand Prix at Hokkenheim simultaneously – go Lewis Hamilton!). Last night was the first night in the Alps and the race crossed over into Italy. Two big climbs and Cadel lost the yellow Jersey by 8 seconds. to Schleck. Today is a rest day for them (I will be running this afternoon though) and Tuesday and Wednesday are two huge climbs. Can’t wait to see Cadel get the Yellow Jersey back.


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Thea Westra's picture

Terrific weekend photos.

Terrific weekend photos.

Greg and I are watching the Tour here too. Very late at night when it's on TV here in Perth. Usually starts 9:30pm or 10:30pm most nights! An exciting Tour this year though. Can't not watch it. :)

By the way, there is some information at this Google search that you may like to read. Hope you won't mind me forwarding this tinyurl.com/beach-danger

Have a top week.
Cheers, Thea

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Thanks Thea I guess i should

Thanks Thea
I guess i should point out that this was in a playground not at the beach and the sand is only about 12 inches deep - we dug it up to make the wall about 2 feet thick and then dug a tunnel through - if it had collapsed the sand would have just fallen off them.
The beach hole collapses that have killed children are very sad.
Thanks for being so caring!