Random information - creek surfing and flies

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Yesterday I went down to the local bakery for some fresh bread for lunch. On the way there I was fantasizing and salivating about the potential choices of cheese encrusted buns, rolls, twists etc that I might choose. However when I got there the counter cabinets displaying all the pies and rolls, cream buns and tarts and slices etc had several flies flying around in them and crawling on the food. I quickly switched my attention to the loaves of bread up the back shelves behind the counter that appeared to be fly free and went home with 2 sliced multi-grain loaves encrusted with sesame seeds instead.

I had planned to take the kids back to the lake yesterday afternoon and see if could get some better shots of the black swans for Gordon. I had even blocked out time in my diary to go this. However it was absolutely pouring down with rain - a tropical thunderstorm. I decided to take the kids up the road to a friends place and swap some of ours for some of theirs. On the way we observed our creek had bust its banks and was right up high - had risen vertically maybe 1 to 1.5 metres. Dropped off one kid and picked up 2, said hullo to the street surfers who were boogey boarding down the road on the huge amount of water rushing down the street and headed back home. By the time we got back the rain had eased off and the creek had dropped somewhat. I took Jadeen and her friend down with the boogey board and they paddled happily in the muddy water which by now was only a few inches deep again and then we went down to the road bridge and played pooh sticks.