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I have to start by saying I don’t dislike doctors at all, after all my father is one/. However I really detest going to see my specialist. Not that he’s not a nice bloke, and not that he hasn’t given me good care in his own way over the years. I have been seeing him now for my graves disease for 9 or 10 years, including the radioactive iodine treatment he prescribed for me a couple of years back.

PPEOX026 However, the scenario is this. I arrive at the rooms tonight at about 7:57 for an 8PM appointment. I am called into his room at 8:08. I sit down and we talk briefly about my latest blood test and how I haven’t been taking my medication (I ran out because the appointment had been postponed and I didn’t have a script). Anyway it turns out My thyroxin levels are back to normal, so the radioactive iodine has mostly worked. Most of the thyroid is dead and gone but there’s enough left to give me normal levels again. 5 minutes later I am out at the counter and paying the bill. This is the part I detest. For a 1 minute appointment of which I used 5 minutes, I am charged $120 with a $30 discount. Yes I get $40 odd back from the government, but I really detest paying effectively $1440 per hour. Really its $480 or $120 per 15 minutes.


Thanks Doc. At least I am cured (for now).

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Wii exercising

We have been exercising using the Wii fit for 4 days now. I have discovered to my chagrin that I have very poor inner muscle strength. While I am pretty fit, and quite strong in my legs and arms I struggle a lot with my abs and waist muscles. They are very weak and I find it a very hard to balance on one leg for example. My twitch muscles are also not finely controlled. The Wii fit  program is making me focus on these exercises and they WiiFit_logo are hard. Today I spent 20 minutes exercising and one of the exercises was actually standing still as possible. I found that very hard and it is actually harder than it sounds – it hurts after a while using muscles you don’t usually use to keep still. Like wise balancing on one leg and moving the other leg is very difficult. I am enjoying the Ski Slalom, though I find I tend to miss a few gates here and there.

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The Family that Exercises together ... Enter the Wii Fit

After scouring Brisbane by phone I finally located a possible Wii Fit. One store had one that had been set aside for a customer – they were going to ring and see if they still wanted it. It was my lucky day. As I arrived to pick up the Nintendo Wii, the chap said he had manage to secure the Wii Fit for me as well.

I rang 10 or 15 outlets yesterday to discover none had any in stock, yet all were advertising them like mad. Responses ranged from “we can put you on a list but its first in first served” to “we will guarantee you one by Christmas!”

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Weight Loss Update

I am finally under 110KG. For the first time in 3 or 4 years I saw 109.9kg on the scales in the weekend.