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Weight Loss

One side effect of being sick and not eating ( I have had 2 pieces of toast in the last 36 hours) is the weight loss - I was down to 110.9KGs this morning!

My goal is to get below 110 so it was nice seeing that number on the scales this morning. I suspect I will go back up a kg or two once I start eating again. I have lost several kgs lately as my exercise levels have ramped up with basketball and AFL. I was sitting on 113 or so before being sick.

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I finally succumbed to the evil virus

it hit me last night - after basketball coaching was over and after I had spent 4 hours working on taxes. I went to bed when I kept waking up with my hands holding keys down on the keyboard.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke to a gurgling stomach. No more details are necessary, save that I haven't dared go far from the bathroom today. I am the last of the family to get it to hit me. I thought I was going to escape.

At least this is a long weekend and I have felt better enough today after spending half the day in bed to finish the tax work and even watch the Anzac Parade on TV.

Recovery is happening too slow - I want to be better now! Oh well - time now to go play with the kids before the Anzac Day football hits the big screen.

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Fortunately minor ones. Our practice game of AFL on the weekend was good - though I could see virtually nothing as my contacts hadn't arrived. I hurt my knee in the 2nd quarter and was reduced to jogging - couldn't sprint. However was able to lay some good tackles, get some good hand balls away and some good kicks. Missed a mark that would have gotten me a kick for goal - slippery ball came in at my knees. I did get it off the ground, busted the tackle that was laid on me and and handballed to one of our guys running through at the goal, only he kicked it into the square and it was marked by the opposition. My knee is a lot better now and I will go for a run today and see how it goes. Should be ok. I get my contacts today also.

Yesterday while cleaning the fish tanks I sliced the end off one of my fingers. It is bandaged up thanks to Jude but I'm not sure I shall be able to mark a football with it for a couple of days. It has definitely slowed my typing down also. I'm trying to write an article for this site that is taking me ages so I stopped and wrote this mini update instead.

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Interesting Links

Here are some interesting links I have found lately. My wife actually found this one and reads the health and exercise sections, food and products combined with some celeb fitness, shopping, fashion and tech.

This group of commonly branded websites targets web savvy, body conscious women. The sub headings include: Link love The insanely addictive Entertainment hourly