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Fortunately minor ones. Our practice game of AFL on the weekend was good - though I could see virtually nothing as my contacts hadn't arrived. I hurt my knee in the 2nd quarter and was reduced to jogging - couldn't sprint. However was able to lay some good tackles, get some good hand balls away and some good kicks. Missed a mark that would have gotten me a kick for goal - slippery ball came in at my knees. I did get it off the ground, busted the tackle that was laid on me and and handballed to one of our guys running through at the goal, only he kicked it into the square and it was marked by the opposition. My knee is a lot better now and I will go for a run today and see how it goes. Should be ok. I get my contacts today also.

Yesterday while cleaning the fish tanks I sliced the end off one of my fingers. It is bandaged up thanks to Jude but I'm not sure I shall be able to mark a football with it for a couple of days. It has definitely slowed my typing down also. I'm trying to write an article for this site that is taking me ages so I stopped and wrote this mini update instead.


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Sliced the end off your

Sliced the end off your finger???? What does that mean? Missing a whole joint or just maybe a chunk of skin.

The matter-of-fact way you mentioned this was amusing to me.

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just a large piece off the

just a large piece off the end - and to the side - sort of an oblique cut
its not bad - ive done worse!