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Colds suck

I have a cold.

Productivity is decreased.

I have deadlines.

Colds suck. 

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Soft and Furry

I haven't bothered shaving for about 10 days now. Up until about 2 days ago the kids thought it was prickly. Last night they were rubbing the beard and saying how soft it was but Jude wants it gone, and I have to go see clients later this week so I guess it will go.

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Running and The Terminal

Did a lot of running today - ran 2 kms in 12 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up and then about another 4-5km or so in jogging interspersed with short sprints. (more sprinting than jogging!) Corey was tough on us but its all good!

Jude and I watched The Terminal tonight - really funny movie. I was crying with laughter at the romantic dinner scene.

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Weird dream

I had a most bizarre dream last night - yet it was very vivid.
Rohan (my web admin) and Dell his wife were hosting a biker party at their house, which was in our suburb (which it isn't. The house was not theirs either.) The bikers turned up with an old Bedford truck full of beer in white vegetable polystyrene cases and parked it in the garage. While watching them get stuck into the beer I noticed that there was a gigantic roast turkey on a table. Rohan then turned into Doug who also works for me. His smallest child Evan was running amok in the now strangely empty garage. Sarah his 14 yr old daughter was sitting out side ignoring the party and not wanting to be involved in anything. Then a parachuting Father Christmas appeared in the sky and was heading for a pub nearby (where there isn't one really) and landed in the street outside instead.