Wii exercising

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We have been exercising using the Wii fit for 4 days now. I have discovered to my chagrin that I have very poor inner muscle strength. While I am pretty fit, and quite strong in my legs and arms I struggle a lot with my abs and waist muscles. They are very weak and I find it a very hard to balance on one leg for example. My twitch muscles are also not finely controlled. The Wii fit  program is making me focus on these exercises and they WiiFit_logo are hard. Today I spent 20 minutes exercising and one of the exercises was actually standing still as possible. I found that very hard and it is actually harder than it sounds – it hurts after a while using muscles you don’t usually use to keep still. Like wise balancing on one leg and moving the other leg is very difficult. I am enjoying the Ski Slalom, though I find I tend to miss a few gates here and there.

Its surprising how easy it is to raise a sweat doing the hula hoop. The whole family is enjoying using it and we are already seeing some improvement in fine motor skills for the children as they work on mastering the balance and muscle work outs and they also really enjoy the aerobic workouts. IF you want your kids to exercise then get them a Wii fit!