The Family that Exercises together ... Enter the Wii Fit

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After scouring Brisbane by phone I finally located a possible Wii Fit. One store had one that had been set aside for a customer – they were going to ring and see if they still wanted it. It was my lucky day. As I arrived to pick up the Nintendo Wii, the chap said he had manage to secure the Wii Fit for me as well.

I rang 10 or 15 outlets yesterday to discover none had any in stock, yet all were advertising them like mad. Responses ranged from “we can put you on a list but its first in first served” to “we will guarantee you one by Christmas!”

IMG_1800-640 IMG_1801-640

Unpacking the Wii – it comes very nicely presented in two “sliding drawers” full of equipment. Batteries were included as well as a remote, nunchuck, Wii sports, wired sensor bar and composite audio cable (which we will not use) manuals, power charger and a base stand.

IMG_1805-640 IMG_1804-640

Unpacking the Accessories. We bought an extra nunchuck, remote and Wii Play game combo, a charger and rechargeable batteries, wireless sensor bar (batteries were included) and silicon covers and grips for the remotes and nunchuks.

IMG_1802-640 IMG_1803-640

We also purchased a component cable to connect to our home theatre.

So last night we unpacked the Wii and installed it, then while the kids were creating their Mii’s I unpacked the Wii Fit and set it up. A quick measuring session and creating user data for each for each of was enough for the night. (I wanted to watch Federer beat Safin in straight sets.)

IMG_1806-640 IMG_1808-640

The Wii Fit was packed well and comprises the balance board, add on raiser feet for using on carpet, instruction manual and the software disc. Batteries are included.

This morning however I woke early and headed into the lounge for some exercise. Stretching, muscle workouts, anaerobic exercise and some balance games showed that while in some things I am strong and fit, in other areas I am very weak. I have a great deal of problem balancing on one leg or foot. Other family members excelled and had trouble in different areas also. The great thing about the Wii Fit is it remembers all this stuff for you and tracks it So each of the family members will be able to focus on developing the areas of their fitness that are lacking.

I think this is going to be a great addition to the electronic equipment in this house. It will promote and extend fitness, playing together as a family and fun together. The kids are all very excited and had lots of fun while learning more about their bodies fitness levels.


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Like other Wii games in the

Like other Wii games in the series, this integrates Miis into the game. The game is designed to be played with the Wii Balance Board peripheral and is an example of play and exercise simultaneously.

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I have it at least

I have it at least I save a few bucks in a gym subscription.



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The game is designed to be

The game is designed to be played with the Wii Balance Board peripheral

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Thank you very much for the information. It is hard to find good blogs nowaday. I am glad I came across yours. I look forward to read your next post. Best Regards!

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great blog thanks for sharing

great blog thanks for sharing that with me i will be using that soon.

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nintendo tries to defuse the

nintendo tries to defuse the impression that console games are the primary tributary of obesity among juveniles. it did not stop at wii, now they make the players move more with wii fit. better they are making them exercise.