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This weeks Geek Girl is well known internet personality Lisa Brewster. She has answered my interview questions below.

Geek Girl Profile - LisaBrewster

Name: Lisa Brewster
Screen Name: Adora
Personal Blog:
Other Blogs:,,
Social Networks: Twitter, qik, MyBlogLog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr,
Tumblr, Technorati, DailyLit,, 1up, Pownce, Notemine.
Current Employment: Systems Engineer for Cardinal Health, and Product Manager for Startup Schwag
Location: San Diego, USA

What is your motivation for blogging?

First and foremost I blog to communicate ideas.  My first audience was myself when I started at Livejournal years and years ago, and my scope has grown larger and larger based on what projects I'm involved with.  I've tried blogging for money before (paid position, not like Pay Per Post), and as passionate as I was about the topic, I never felt very comfortable (I don't blog well under a deadline).  But my biggest motivation is that I have a bad memory...I'll forget my thought processes and troubles and successes all too easily, so blogging is a way for me to document what's in my head so I can have an opportunity to go back and reflect on those experiences.

What do you blog about and why?

Since I have so many sites, I never have a shortage of reasons to blog.  On my personal site, I talk about what's going on with my life, whether it's something on my mind in a general way, a new site I think is cool, a solution to a problem, random geek humor, etc.  Technarium is a broader think tank blog that a friend and I run as an outlet for our more "official" views on what we see happening to the future of the Internet and the technologies that power it. is another group blog to publish information about a local conference we throw every six months, and Startup Schwag is focused on our company developments as well.

What type of blogging do you do? Short and frequent? Long? Do you use video or audio for your blogging? Photos?

My blogging style has varied greatly over the years.  I've recently gone through a tumblelogging spell, which is a very streamlined way of linking different kinds of media that you find interesting, anything from photos and videos to quotes snipped from a site or even humorous segments of chat logs from your friends.  However, I've pretty recently decided that this style of blogging generates way too much content to ask readers to consume in my main feed, so I've removed that aspect for now and am sticking to longer, less frequent, bigger ideas (with the occasional nice photo still thrown in).  I'm just now starting to get involved in vlogging, so we'll see where that goes!

How Lisa became a Geek Girl Blogger:42-15530438

I'm a Systems Engineer by day and community evangelist by night who thinks about the Internet 24/7.  Blogging has always been the simplest and most thorough way to communicate and document what's on my mind, whether I'm working through a personal issue or visualizing the future of social networking.


Thanks for reading, please come back again next week for our next Geek Girl Blogger.



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paul sean's picture

Hi I was intrigued by your

Hi I was intrigued by your interview and impressed that you take the time to blog many issues and stories that affect your life and job. Like you I don't like the pressure of deadlines since sometimes it hampers your ability to write creative blogs. Keep up the great work. TschuB. sincerely paul sean

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Hey thanks paul. And I passed

Hey thanks paul. And I passed on this comment to lisa as well.