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Geek Girl Profile -

Name: Bronwen Zande
Screen Name: BronwenZ
Personal Blogs: | |
BZandePhotoSocial Networks: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, friendfeed.
Current Employment: Am a director of Brisbane based, Soul Solutions Pty Ltd, a Microsoft Certified Partner.  We work with innovative web technologies such as Silverlight, Virtual Earth and Live Services.
Location: Australia

What is your motivation for blogging?

Originally I started blogging to document problems I’d solved so when I came across it again I’d know how to fix it. As time went on we found our clients, friends, family etc, were reading our blog to see what we were up to. I also use it to document things I’ve done so I can look back and see what we’ve achieved.

What is it that you find yourself blogging about, mostly the same stuff or does it vary?

BronwenMeeGo My blog tends to be technical. If we’re travelling you’ll get the holiday posts, but generally it’s technical or about technical events and news.  Sometimes I do posts on lessons learnt in running our business. The exact content of the technical posts can vary depending on what I’m working on.  It might be something I found cool in a new technology or how to do some operation.

What style of blogging do you do, short and regular, or not so regular but long, other? And is your blogging just text or do you also use audio or video?

My blogging varies depending on what I’m working on and where I’m working.   They can be a paragraph or a page.  My posts are generally text but quite often have pictures and sometimes video.

42-15530438 How Bronwen became a Geek Girl Blogger:

I started contributing to blogs / wikis internally at various workplaces to document common fixes to issues etc. I found this annoying when I shifted jobs as I lost all my posts, so I started keeping my own blog separately. Most places didn’t like us blogging at work or about work related items in fear of us leaking secrets to the enemy. When I joined Soul Solutions with John I was the controller of my own destiny so it didn’t take long for us to create our own blog. I find it a great reference for my own problems and a good way to write down what we’ve done so you can look back after a few hard months and realise you did a lot of good things.

Thanks for reading this weeks GGB survey……. if you are a Geek Girl Blogger, or know that you probably are one even if you don’t consider yourself to be one, and you’d like to be featured in our series, then please contact us and we’ll get back to you! We’re currently on the lookout for some new GGB’s so don’t hesitate if you’re interested. We’d love to feature you!



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Blogging is not for everyone,

Blogging is not for everyone, just those who have the ability to express themselves clearly. There are still a lot of blogs out there that would simply make you cringe. If you do not know how to properly blog, DON'T.

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Thanks Andy Agreed - many

Thanks Andy
Agreed - many make you cringe. On the whole though I find most bloggers I read are articulate and intelligent and talk with authority about their chosen subject.