Geek Girl Blogger - Jen Myers

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This weeks GGB is Jen Myers from the US of A… her survey is below.

Name: Jen Myers
Screen Name/s: deliberatepixel, antiheroine
jmyers Personal Blog/s:; I'm also one of the bloggers behind, a community of bloggers interested in rational and critical thinking with a feminist slant.
Social Networks: I think I'm on virtually every social network out there, but I use Twitter and Facebook the most.
Current Employment:  Web Designer
Location/country: Columbus, OH, US

What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

I've always been a writer, and when I was little, I used to make my own magazines.  It just seems natural for me to now do the same digitally!  I'm also fascinated by the way we can share ideas and build communities so easily with blogs.

What is it that you find yourself blogging about, mostly the same stuff or does it vary?

I blog about a lot of geek girl topics, including women in technology and media, plus stuff about film and culture.  While I obviously have a few favorite topics I regularly return to, I'm open to new and unusual things to blog about.  I'm also really interested in being able to pass along news and event items about topics and happenings I don't feel get enough attention, like independent artists and developers, or successful women in STEM fields.

What style of blogging do you do, short and regular, or not so regular but long, other? And is your blogging just text or do you also use audio or video?

I do a bit of everything.  On a daily basis, I create short posts, sometimes just text but also video and imagery.  Every so often, I write longer, more involved posts.  I definitely make sure I'm putting out original writing, but I also enjoy pointing out other interesting things around the web that others have written.


How Jen became a Geek Girl Blogger:

I've been blogging in some form for about five years.  I actually used to keep an online journal by manually entering text and HTML every day, then I discovered blogging systems :).  My current blog has been established and going strong for two years now, and I have a small but seemingly loyal and interested audience.  I'm looking forward to posting more frequently and reaching more readers.

Thanks for reading this weeks GGB survey……. if you are a Geek Girl Blogger, or know that you probably are one even if you don’t consider yourself to be one, and you’d like to be featured in our series, then please contact us and we’ll get back to you! We’re currently on the lookout for some new GGB’s so don’t hesitate if you’re interested. We’d love to feature you!