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Hey there readers of GGB. I am sorry there hasn’t been any new surveys since the 5th of this month, and it is now the 25th. Ah, that’s 20 days! But there were other things like the dinner. Anyway, I enjoyed doing the job of creating the GGB article again, and Cathy McCaughan’s survey in particular was very enjoyable! Make sure you read her response to what her motivation for blogging is. Her blog is also really enjoyable to read. Don’t lose interest in this survey because of her occupation as a mom (mum) when you may have expected some fancy tech title. She is indeed a tech girl and her occupation as a mom is one of the most important jobs out there, so much respect for that.    Toodles!

Name: Cathy McCaughan
CathyMcCaughan02Screen Name: I use my real name for all posts and comments.  "I yam what I yam."  Although technically I am a transparent blogger, I think I can accurately be called a naked blogger. ;-)
Personal Blog/s: My blog is: 
but all of the family blogs can be found at:
Social Networks:

Twitter    Ning    Facebook
Current Employment:
Just an old hippie mom.
Location: USA, Tennessee, Knoxville, at a table in the corner of the kitchen

What is your reason/motivation for blogging?

cathyMcCaughan01 What is it that you find yourself blogging about, mostly the same stuff or does it vary?

I primarily tell stories about my life.  I have five children ranging from preschool to college, a crazy husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, fish and a snake.  There is never a shortage of source material.  Frequently, I let a photograph speak for me.  I occasionally rant about issues that matter to me - education, Asperger's, mental health, politics.  I like to make regular posts about sex, because I think it's a normal and healthy part of life.  It makes other people squeamish, so I try to be vague enough that no one is horribly offended.  The only thing I don't like to post about is money.  I try to avoid it completely.

What style of blogging do you do, short and regular, or not so regular but long, other? And is your blogging just text or do you also use audio or video?

I used to post 3 or 4 times a day, but there would only be one medium length post and the others would be micro-posts.  Twitter simplified my life and now I put quickies on their micro-blogging platform.  I currently blog in words and pictures.  Audio and video might come after I upgrade my equipment.

42-15530438How Cathy became a Geek Girl Blogger:

I fell in love with computers when they provided me an escape from Elvis in the 80's(  The computer lab was a place filled with incredibly smart, kind and underappreciated guys.  After I left high school, I briefly worked for a small company selling industrial computer systems.  My favorite part of the job was demonstrating AutoCad at conventions.  I left work when I became a mom, but I always kept a computer nearby.  I started out writing as if I was shouting into a canyon, hard-coding a journal and annoying my relatives with my honesty and sarcasm.  I moved to blogger and discovered a community of people doing what I was doing.  As we all jumped to our own domains, we found a stronger sense of identity and purpose. 

The generation that grew up with the computer revolution are the worshipers of it. We are the believers in the possibilities for good and the potential for improvements.  If everyone had a blog, perhaps they could fight with words instead of weapons . . .

Thanks for reading our latest GGB survey…
If you are a Geek Girl Blogger, or know that you probably are one even if you don’t consider yourself to be one, and you’d like to be featured in our series, then please contact us and we’ll get back to you. We’re currently on the lookout for some new GGB’s so don’t hesitate if you’re interested. We’d love to feature you!