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A week in Gods care

I just had to write of some of the awesome things that have been happening around here. This blog has been a little empty of late - and that's partly because of the new business taking up time, the photography business kicking along and just the sheer business of life. But some things have been happening that are connected in ways that are amazing giving me cause to write this article. The photo here was taken Sunday afternoon as a planned shoot for a connected human or a cyborg theme. In this case the two people are totally connected and entangled in the cables and trappings of computer hardware. It was a very interesting concept to put together and shoot and the whole team had a great amount of fun doing it.

2010-08-22 Cyborg Shoot 100Lets start with Sunday - the beginning of the week. For just over a year now our church has been searching for a new pastor after the leaving of the last one. Sunday the search ended with the pastor the search committee and the leadership recommended being accepted by the church. At the conclusion of that meeting we had a BBQ lunch and I was able to share with the church first the little miracle that took place where god miraculously provided the two trays of sliced bread we needed for that lunch. I used that as an example to show how Gods care for us in even the little things is an example of his absolute care for us in all things. Stressing and having anxiety over things in our life is wrong, hurtful and unhealthy.

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Dreamcoat Photography

Our photography business is starting to take off now. Dreamcoat Photography is the website.

A mixture of family portraits, weddings, bands, commercial and glamour shoots are happening. We are taking bookings – check the calendar for availability.

Some of the photos are displayed on the site. Here are some recent ones including a family photo as well.

2010-07-03 Dreamcoat PhotoShoot 007-800

2010-07-03 Dreamcoat PhotoShoot 111-800 2010-07-03 Dreamcoat PhotoShoot 078-800

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Handful of Fragments Collective - Allsorts Event

2010-05-13 All Sorts 083-800James and I headed off to the Valley tonight for a most fun photoshoot. Alloneword Bar is part inside and part outside – the back part is a courtyard of wasted space between buildings that has been turned into a funky little arty spot. The walls have been painted with amazing art lit up by spotlights.

The event was organised by the Handful of Fragments Collective, a group whose aim is to showcase young emerging artists, visual, theatric, artists and musicians. Moneth Montemayor is a friend of a friend and the Artistic Director. She is also a guitarist in the band The Mothership. So I got invited to shoot the bands and other activities. James came along to carry my gear, assist with the flashes which we had to keep moving to light up the bands and stage areas and swap out my lenses for me. He also has some great ideas for angles and photo composition.

The following photos are a small representation of the photos from the night. The rest of them are up on flickr in the Alloneword Bar Handful of Fragments Collective Set.

Wall Art

2010-05-13 All Sorts 001-800 2010-05-13 All Sorts 082-800

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Family Times and News

For those who haven't caught up with the news, we have sold the Jethro businesses to IT Integrity and are now working for IT Integrity as a Business Manager. As a salaried employee again for the first time in 15 years (although I am part owner of the business) it means I now get to have publics holidays and annual leave. I have also continued with my scheduling of family time in my diary.

Yesterday I took the kids up to the park  behind our house while Jude went shopping. Jade and I decided to go on a bit of a photo hunt while Erin and Mercedes took their paper planes to fly. Miranda lay down on a chair and watched!

The following pictures tell the story of what we did at Cockatoo Crest Park.

2010-05-08 Park Things 013 2010-05-08 Park Things 014

I liked the shot I got of Mercedes about to launch her plane. Erin loved to run and launch herself into the swing stomach first. Then Jade and I took some water shots, the dribbling tap, followed by the three kids collaborating to produce water anklets. Erin ended up standing on top while Mercedes pushed the button so Jade and I could get shots.