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Construction work

2009-07-31 mucking around 046Today was a DIY day. I designed and built this enclosure for the blue tongue skinks this morning. Start to finish around 2.5 hours.

The base and sides are medium density fibreboard as are the end and centre pieces. the bottom is braced with 3x2 batons that also work as feet.

The centre top piece is a bit of MDF, and the end mesh pieces are bits of an old bird cage that was lying around in the rubbish heap to be taken to the tip. Now it forms the essential part of letting light in and keeping our snakes and stopping the skinks from escaping. One end is hinged ad allows easy access to the skinks while the other end is fixed but has two openings in it.

2009-07-31 mucking around 048 2009-07-31 mucking around 047

Job well done.

Oh and Heidi helped Tim the Toolman as well.