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Time management and this blog

So I’m normally pretty good at time management. I even teach others how to time manage. So why do i never get time to write on this blog.

There’s lots of little excuses but there’s one really good reason – and that is I haven’t prioritised writing on here.

So that is going to change. Starting now.

I know there are lots or people reading this website – thousands in fact every day. Some of you come for the Microsoft Excel tips – ok lets face it most of you do. Some others come because you know me and are friends and family and want to see what I am up to. Others come for my photography. And others come for some random weird internet searches.

So today is a personal update. I will be looking to write and post Excel tips (and other office tips) as regularly as possible – in fact I’m prioritising it in my diary right now. Thanks be to Outlook.

And here is a picture of me working hard.

2012-04-05 Mt Beerburrum 090

Actually its a picture of my beautiful bride of 17 years walking down Mt Beerburrum with me last week.

Now back to work.

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2011 Photos of the year

I have taken a lot of photos in 2011 in all sorts of genres. Around 80,000 or so. I have chosen some of my favourites from each month and showcased them here. I hope to improve my skills and widen my repertoire next year.

January 2011

2011-01-03 Bribie Beach 387

February 2011

2011-02-20 SSC Fun Run GC 1444

March 2011

2011-03-13 Flowers and Mushrooms 019

2011-03-26 CRUNK 114

April 2011

2011-04-03 Dirtfest 2011 11222011-04-09 Beach 0422011-04-24 Witcher Family 0772011-04-14 Dayna Melissa Beach 3782011-04-17 Mercedes 0122011-04-17 Erin 0052011-04-03 Dirtfest 2011 6182011-04-25 Anzac Flame 0122011-04-24 Jess and Sunset 012_3_4_tonemapped

May 2011


2011-05-19 Miller Girls High Key 0092011-05-19 Miller Girls High Key 0182011-05-19 Miller Girls High Key 0262011-05-21 Cooper Party 2462011-05-15 TRAQ Cooks Tour 446 243 certificate

June 2011


2011-06-04 AY-UP Team Launch 2542011-06-04 Industrial Shoot 0672011-06-10 Caboolture Show 0042011-06-10 Caboolture Show 0052011-06-10 Caboolture Show 1232011-06-10 Caboolture Show 2022011-06-20 Kookaburra 0072011-06-28 Parry Couple shoot 213 bwcollage

July 2011


2011-07-03 Van Ballegooy Kids 0032011-07-09 Abbey Medieval Festival 0372011-07-09 Abbey Medieval Festival 0932011-07-23 Grenoble Time Trial 1502011-07-24 Champs Elysees 4682011-07-30 Snakes shoot 1412011-07-30 Snakes shoot 1562011-07-30 Snakes shoot 4282011-07-30 Snakes shoot 547

August 2011

2011-08-14 Gladstone Mudcrabs Under 9 0322011-08-17 Coolum Ride 3072011-08-17 Coolum Ride 4082011-08-28 Tim Practice 2092011-08-07 Brisbane Marathon 2835

September 2011

2011-09-04 Minjungal Aboriginal Culture Centre 0482011-09-04 Mt Joyce 0132011-09-04 Mt Joyce 0202011-09-09 WIT Gala Dinner 0092011-09-18 Lakeside Trackday 034IMG_2804 Paint

October 2011

2011-10-02 Bribie Beach Bash 539 052011-10-02 Bribie Beach Bash 590 07 112011-10-02 Bribie Beach Bash 761 062011-10-08 Lappset 0312011-10-08 Lappset sequence2011-10-23 Tripink Goldcoast 20442011-10-23 Brisbane Zombie Walk 21292011-10-23 Jacaranda Shoot 0442011-10-23 Jacaranda Shoot 159

November 2011


2011-11-05 01552011-11-06 Supanova 0292011-11-06 Supanova 1312011-11-06 Supanova 1732011-11-16 Photoplay 0322011-11-21 Dray Family 0372011-11-21 Dray Family 0392011-11-27 Beach 2638

December 2011

2011-12-03 Poison Ivy 0122011-12-03 Poison Ivy 077 v1 cartoon2011-12-04 Louden Family 014-v32011-12-04 Coolum SLSC Nippers 1642011-12-09 Macro 0652011-12-10 Moon Eclipse 0352011-12-19 Santa 2072011-12-25 Christmas Lunch 0102011-12-25 Christmas Day 001

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While I was asleep

My Flickr views just scrolled over past 1,000,000. WOW!

flickr stats

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Emergency 2.0 Wiki Working Group

Following on from the success of the website I have been invited to a number of panels, communities and working groups.

Last night I was asked to take some team photos for the Emergency 2.0 Wiki working group committee of which I am a part.

What a comedy of errors!

I set the camera up on the board room table, pointing at the group at the end with the projector screen at the end, set the timer, pushed the button and headed for the end of the table - only to have to leap cables on the way - i made the first tangled in the second and couldn't stop, dragging the laptop running the projector screen to the floor and severing the connection. Thus the photo is of everybody staring at me (to camera left) and laughing - and a purple screen.

2011-05-10 E20 Wiki 007-1600

The second photo I got there in time, but Eileen decided to lunge for the water bottle at the last second!

2011-05-10 E20 Wiki 008-1600

After several more spectacular failures including a shot that was ok but with inexplicably a Facebook login screen in the background, we eventually ended up with the desired result. We were all staring at an iPad that had the meeting agenda on it and trying not to giggle!

2011-05-10 E20 Wiki 014-1600