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Time Off - and On Again - Christmas 07 Summary

I took Christmas and Boxing day off - kind of.

I didn't actually "work", but I did have to stay near the PC. Thanks to a web server crashing Christmas Eve.

At least I didn't have to think about coding.

We did have a fun couple of days though. Christmas Day started early, as it always does with kids. Mind you they got the house cleaned and their own breakfast while we "slept in". Then it was onto breakfast, pancakes with maple syrup and cream and toasted croissants with ham and cheese.

Present time was preceded by the original Christmas story, found in Genesis 3 when God foretold the coming of Christ as a cure for Sin.

The kids got some smaller presents from each other, presents from grandparents, and then from us some large presents for all of them; a digital camera and a portable DVD player.

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Walking around the lake

I took the kids out for a walk late Wednesday afternoon while I had a break from programming. They wanted to go to a new park, so I took them up to a park the other side of estate that they haven't been to for ages. They loved playing on the playground equipment as there was some different things there, some leap frog mushrooms and a climbing wall for example.

More importantly there is a lake there, and there were 3 black swans on it. I only had the phone camera so the photos aren't very flash. More on Flickr.

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Fun Sunday Night

We had a great day today. First we went to see Dr Jonathan Sarfati present information on Creation Science. He presented some very good deconstructions of evolutionist positions on things like the Grand Canyon, the fossil record and cell design.

Following that we hung out with the Lehtonens for lunch at our place for a while. Later in the afternoon (after a nap) I took the kids up to the park for a play. Mercedes gets so excited about bugs. I showed her a little bug that was crawling along the grass and she watched entranced as it got to the top of a grass stem - balancing akwardly - and then eventually launched up and flew away - "Bye Bye Bug" she said.

My next job was mopping the floors! 

Home group and a shared meal for dinner. Our pastor came tonight and we looked closely at Ephesians chapter 5 and the roles of husband and wife in marriage.

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Lazy Saturday

I can't remember the last Saturday I didn't work. Today I have barely touched a computer. Other than checking email once and playing one game of Texas hold 'em poker (while having an afternoon nap) and blogging this that is!

I am just sitting at the table in the dining room watching the kids play outside. It has been raining and they are playing on the back patio, pouring water on each others heads, sliding on the slick concrete and joyously enjoying life.

As I lazily sipped on water, and typed on the wirelessly connected laptop there was the distant sound of thunder, the laughter of the kids, the music playing from the media room and the sound of the rain on the patio roof. Now Jude is home I am anticipating the smell of ribs cooking to soon be filling the living area.

Out on the patio the kids plants, lettuces and tomatoes and some flowers, have all been watered enthusiastically by the junior gardeners with their watering cans.