Walking around the lake

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I took the kids out for a walk late Wednesday afternoon while I had a break from programming. They wanted to go to a new park, so I took them up to a park the other side of estate that they haven't been to for ages. They loved playing on the playground equipment as there was some different things there, some leap frog mushrooms and a climbing wall for example.

More importantly there is a lake there, and there were 3 black swans on it. I only had the phone camera so the photos aren't very flash. More on Flickr.

We decided to walk around the lake, but we only went around just over half of it because the bridge back was too tempting. The kids had had enough of walking by then anyway!. We saw magpies (up real close), water fowl of several different species, found an empty nest in the reeds at the side of the lake, saw plovers and lots of water lilies.


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Never seen a black swan. I

Never seen a black swan. I can tell they are stunning even from the phone pic.

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I am going to have to go

I am going to have to go back with the good camera and take some good photos then.