Fun Sunday Night

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We had a great day today. First we went to see Dr Jonathan Sarfati present information on Creation Science. He presented some very good deconstructions of evolutionist positions on things like the Grand Canyon, the fossil record and cell design.

Following that we hung out with the Lehtonens for lunch at our place for a while. Later in the afternoon (after a nap) I took the kids up to the park for a play. Mercedes gets so excited about bugs. I showed her a little bug that was crawling along the grass and she watched entranced as it got to the top of a grass stem - balancing akwardly - and then eventually launched up and flew away - "Bye Bye Bug" she said.

My next job was mopping the floors! 

Home group and a shared meal for dinner. Our pastor came tonight and we looked closely at Ephesians chapter 5 and the roles of husband and wife in marriage.

Finally the boys played a game of stronghold Crusader and then a game of munchkins. I really enjoy having the guys over to do fun stuff.

One really funny thing - as Michael was about to leave at 12:05am his wife rings up and asks me if I could get him to take a roll of toilet paper home with him!


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Sounds like an interesting

Sounds like an interesting (and full) day. Did you come away with
anything usefull from Ephesians?