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Hanging out

MPj04019510000[1] The last week I have been working real hard. Part of that work has allowed me to hang out with a bunch of cool staff and clients. I have been hanging with RLP, Matt, Jamie, Amanda, Rasita and Roh.

I count it a real privilege to be able to spend time with these people.

Amanda works for me 2 half days a week researching and writing articles for SpyJournal (see her Geek Girl Series) as well as performing site maintenance and backups for our clients, documentation management (filing) and technical office duties (cleaning the office!) She is slowly developing her own website.

Roh is a technical genius. He knows everything about the web architecture, servers, MySQL, PHP, DNS, Cpanel etc. His daughter Caitlyn was born blind. Check her website out.

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Jude's Birthday Party

I tried an experiment yesterday while out for dinner for Jude's Birthday. I set my mobile phone up on a pole overlooking the main dinner table the adults were sitting at. Then I set the camera to take a photo every 30 seconds. The end result was a lot of photos that I then turned into a short movie using Windows Movie Maker. I uploaded it onto YouTube. Here is the result.

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Happy Mother's Day Mum

Yvonne_cropped HPIM5767Thanks for bearing me, birthing me, raising me and loving me.

Thanks for being you!

Happy Mother's day Mum.

Here's a picture of Mum in her hat and another of Mum and me computing together.

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Happy Birthday Little Sister

Its my littlest sister's birthday today. Heres a pic I made for her.
Priscilla and Sjoerd (George) have 2 cute kids, Johanna and Jacob with number 3 on the way.
Lets hope there's many more happy years yet.
Happy birthday little princess.