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MPj04019510000[1] The last week I have been working real hard. Part of that work has allowed me to hang out with a bunch of cool staff and clients. I have been hanging with RLP, Matt, Jamie, Amanda, Rasita and Roh.

I count it a real privilege to be able to spend time with these people.

Amanda works for me 2 half days a week researching and writing articles for SpyJournal (see her Geek Girl Series) as well as performing site maintenance and backups for our clients, documentation management (filing) and technical office duties (cleaning the office!) She is slowly developing her own website.

Roh is a technical genius. He knows everything about the web architecture, servers, MySQL, PHP, DNS, Cpanel etc. His daughter Caitlyn was born blind. Check her website out.

RLP is a blogger of renown. I built his current site and maintain it for him. I also have built his wife’s website, GracefullThings.com and this week we have been redeveloping the ccblogs.org website together. It will go live in the next couple of days so check it out when it does. I will announce it here.

Rochie (Jamie) is living with us at the moment. We have been working hard on developing some sites together. Check out the work we have done on these two sites this weekend www.averdyn.com.au and www.ottotuza.com.au. Rochie is heading back to Chine shortly. His new site www.rochieinchina.com will be his travel blog. He also has a very useful home page site called www.thegreathomepage.com.

Matt has been doing a bunch of theme work for me. Most of this has been for clients we cannot link to as they have asked us not to. (it will affect their search engine rankings). However I have been very impressed with both Matt’s work ethic and also his technical skills.

And of course Rasita has been supplying me with food, lunch at my desk, dinner cooked and served, and doing all the other awesome things my favourite wife and friend does for me. Thanks love! You are the best secretary ever! Want to meet me in my office after work again?


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After work? When is it that

After work? When is it that you retire again?