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I'm in love with a Fairytale

Thank you Eurovision. Thank you Alexander Rybak, Thank you Norway.


I’m in love with my fairytale also.

jude brawedding photo by jono

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Jude's Birthday Party

I tried an experiment yesterday while out for dinner for Jude's Birthday. I set my mobile phone up on a pole overlooking the main dinner table the adults were sitting at. Then I set the camera to take a photo every 30 seconds. The end result was a lot of photos that I then turned into a short movie using Windows Movie Maker. I uploaded it onto YouTube. Here is the result.

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Wedding anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary - well one of 3 actually.

To explain: We had our first date on Easter Monday 1994, and were married Easter Monday 1995 which happened to be the 17th April. We had a second wedding ceremony in Australia on 23 June 1995 for the Australian friends and relatives.

So today - being Easter Monday - is the first wedding anniversary for 2008.

I have some work to do today, but once that is finished will play playstation with the kids and maybe head to a park later. Jude and I will go out to a football function on Thursday night - as a date!

I have attached a really cool pic of us - taken by my brother Jono just after we got married. click on it to see the full size photo.

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Free Christmas Presents

Day before yesterday we got $750 of free christmas presents. Could have been over $1000 but I chose not too. How do you ask?

For the aussie readers only, I went to a Strathfield Mobile phone shop and contracted my wife's existing phone account for 24 months to the same price plan she was already on - with better options-got her a new handset, the Nokia 6300 for free, and then spent the $300 of free store credit on various Christmas presents. Not describing them here due to some of the readers of this blog going to be receiving them!

I also upgraded my phone to a Nokia N81, but as this was a more expensive handset I didn't qualify for the free $300 of store credit. The phone was free and just meant resigning my existing account on the same plan for another 24 months. Not like I was going to change it anyway!