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Cool tools round up

A bunch of great things have come across my desk lately – haven’t got time to write about them all so here’s the links. go read them yourself.

tools Outlook signatures – how to back them up from one pc / profile to another

Latest release of Live Mesh – the news from the Liveside blog

Office Live Update 1.1

Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus

Open Source Mission - Bible Translation Wiki and Andree Yee – as introduced by Marcus Goodyear

CCBlogs – we built this site! go read the cool theological discussions that are happening here.

Not sure if I shared this one before or not. I built this social site for the basketball team I coach using Ning software – its great. Use it for free to develop a great social site for your organisation. Can be public or private.

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Xobni invites

Xobni GuySo I am now using Xobni - the new email revolution software.

I have some invites - who wants them - comments please. (

Xobni is the Outlook plug-in that helps you organize your flooded inbox.

Comments from their website:

Sidebar View of Past Conversations & Attachments

Don't waste time hunting for information buried in email - everything is right there in the sidebar.

Lightning Fast Email Search

Locate lost attachments, contacts, conversations and more with search that responds as you type.

"Bill Gates called Xobni the next generation of
social networking."

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Microsoft Office Links

MS Office Outlook Team Blog - Managing Automatic Meeting Responses. This is a good article on keeping your inbox free from meeting responses - great for cubicle warriors.

How to Search your PSTs with Vista's built-in Search. I have a large amount (several Gigabytes) of archived email stored in PSTs. This tip means that content is now searched by Vista without me having to have these PST files open in Outlook. - tip to Sarah from Channel 10.

EqualsSolved - putting me out of business! Microsoft Excel and web queries for the non IT pro.

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Export and Backup Emails from Outlook to Gmail Online

It's possible to download emails from gmail into Outlook but is it possible to do it in reverse? Amit tells us we can in this step by step guide.

Step 1: Enable IMAP in your Gmail account and then
configure Outlook (or Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail) to sync
with your Gmail address via IMAP. Read this guide.

Step 2: Import your Outlook PST file into a Personal folder that is different from your default Gmail Inbox.

To import, click File -> Import And Export -> Import from another program or file. -> Next -> Personal Folder File (.pst)