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Easily Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Gmail Via Outlook Connector

So you've made the switch from gmail to hotmail, but how do you move all your old Hotmail email messages and folders to the new Gmail address. That's no worries at all, Amit has written a nifty little article telling us just how to do it using the Outlook Connector. To move your emails from Hotmail to Gmail via Outlook:

1. Install the Outlook connector and then configure your MSN Hotmail / Windows Live Hotmail accounts with Outlook.

2. Once you have all your Hotmail email message available locally inside Outlook, configure Gmail IMAP access inside Outlook.

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Mobile Computing

Technology is amazing. We can utilise the tech tools available to us these days in remarkable ways.

I am currently sitting in a train listening to music on my Zen while writing this blog post on my tablet PC using a digital pen.

I have just finished reviewing notes for a client workshop I am heading into the city to. First I opened my email & opened some excel files to review some settings & details we are going to be discussing. Second I copied the meeting agenda to One Note so I will be able to make notes as we go in the workshop. Third I printed my quote for the work to be done from a PDF attached to an email to OneNote so I can easily refer to it in the meeting. Finally I opened Windows Live Writer to compose this blog post. It will get published as soon as I get back online.

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New Windows Live Sidebar Gadgets for Outlook

There are two new Windows sidebar gadgets produced by the Windows Live Team that work specifically with Outlook. One displays your current appointments in the side bar while the second displays your to do tasks in the sidebar. Great for when you have Outlook minimised to the task bar or task tray. For Vista users only.

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Synching Face Book pictures into Outlook

If you’d like to be able to sync your contacts from Facebook with those in
Microsoft Outlook, have a look at OutSync. It’s a free Windows
application that you can use to sync the contacts of your Facebook friends with
those in Microsoft Outlook. Using OutSync you can take the photos of friends in
Facebook and add them to the matching entries in Microsoft Outlook Contacts
List, updating only the ones you select. Once the photos are in Outlook you are
then able to sync your Windows Mobile phone so that you can have the photos of
friends appear during your phone calls as well. Now OutSync is compatible with
Windows XP, Vista and Server 2003 and requires Outlook 2003 or 2007.

Thanks to Amit for these links that led me to this