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MS Office Outlook Team Blog - Managing Automatic Meeting Responses. This is a good article on keeping your inbox free from meeting responses - great for cubicle warriors.

How to Search your PSTs with Vista's built-in Search. I have a large amount (several Gigabytes) of archived email stored in PSTs. This tip means that content is now searched by Vista without me having to have these PST files open in Outlook. - tip to Sarah from Channel 10.

EqualsSolved - putting me out of business! Microsoft Excel and web queries for the non IT pro.

Dick from Daily Dose writes about his transition to Excel 2007. We have experienced similar things here at Jethro, and written about them on numerous occasions. One of my clients had her workstation changed over while she was on holidays and she came back to work to office 2007 and no instructions on how to use it! What interesting stories do you have to tell about your transition to Office 2007?

Talking about the ribbon, here is Jensen Harris from Microsoft telling the story of the Ribbon.

Vaibhav Jain shares how to minimise the ribbon and save space on your screen - great for those with small screens.